Campus Security

Towing Policy


All students enrolled at Pacific Union College.


Pacific Union College has developed parking and traffic regulations on its property to help maintain a safe campus environment. The College requires that all vehicles operated on college property observe all college parking and traffic regulations and all applicable provisions of the California Vehicle Code. All vehicles must have a valid license plate and properly display a valid campus parking permit.  Any vehicle parked on College property may be subject to tow after notification, as specified in these regulations. The College and its Campus Security Officers, employees, and agents are not liable for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from tow. Any vehicle that has five (5) or more outstanding citations is subject to tow. Upon receipt of the third citation, a warning notice shall be placed on the vehicle and sent to the vehicle owner via mailing address and email address.

Towing Notice

The notice will state that if the vehicle is found again on campus in violation of campus parking regulations, including non-payment of fines, it will be impounded and towed off campus. For vehicles not registered on campus and lacking valid parking permits, Tow company will contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain registered owner information. The College will contact the Napa County Sheriff’s Office and report that the vehicle has been towed and not stolen.  Any costs associated with contacting the DMV will be passed on to the registered owner, and a $40.00 service charge will be added for documentation fees.

Release of Towed Vehicles

Contact Campus Security at (707) 965-6551 or ex. 6551 from any College on campus phone. All outstanding fines and fees must be paid before impounded vehicles released from tow company. Tow and/or storage fees must be paid separate from campus fees. Neither campus nor tow company fees may be applied towards or substituted for penalties accrued with the other. Payment can be made at the Cashiers window at the Financial Administration building, Monday-Friday during operating hours. Cash, personal checks, money orders or credit cards are accepted. Vehicle owners are responsible for settling all towing costs with the tow company.

Tow Without Prior Notice

A vehicle may be impounded without prior notice for:

  • Five (5) or more outstanding citations
  • Abandoned vehicle
  • Vehicles owned or operated by persons whose parking privileges have been revoked
  • Parking in a designated disabled parking space without a valid disabled parking permit
  • Parking in a marked tow away zone or space
  • Blocking:
    • A driveway, roadway, service road, entrance, exit, fire hydrant, loading zone, no-parking area, landscaped area, prohibited area, fire zone, or in an area that restricts college activities
  • Parking in a campus service area without proper authorization
  • Parking in a reserved space
  • Displaying a forged/counterfeit/stolen parking permit
  • Vehicle leaking fluids (e.g. antifreeze, gasoline, oil...etc.)