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We are committed to working together with you and your family to make an Adventist college experience possible.

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Tuition & Aid

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For over 140 years, PUC has prepared students to lead lives of significance and service. As an accredited Seventh-day Adventist Christian liberal arts college, PUC will provide you with all the advantages of a larger university—a strong academic reputation; over 70 degrees and programs; cutting edge research; classes taught by Fulbright scholars; and a diverse student body—but with the benefits of a small college focused on the undergraduate experience and in an atmosphere of Christian community.

We are committed to working together with you and your family to make PUC possible.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

To receive the maximum amount of aid, follow these important steps.

1. Get your FSA ID for the FAFSA at This is required to “sign” the FAFSA.

2. Fill out and submit the FAFSA Starting October 1, go to; include PUC’s school code (001258) to have your financial data sent to PUC.

3. Use PUC’s net price calculator This will provide you with a preliminary estimate of how much financial aid you may qualify for, including scholarships, grants, and loans. It takes less than 10 minutes—visit to get started!

4. Submit GPA verification forms to the California Student Aid Commission Both this form ( and your FAFSA are required by March 2 to apply for Cal Grant. (California residents only)

5. Talk with your PUC financial counselor Together we will find the best financial aid package for your family. Call (707) 965-7200 or email to get connected with a counselor now.

A Conversation with Freddy Whiteside, Director of Student Financial Services

Freddy Whiteside has been serving Pacific Union College students in the office of student financial services for eight years, and in February of this year, he stepped into his new role as director. “The best part of what I do,” he says, “is interacting with the students and finding additional financial aid options for them whenever I can.”

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Financial FAQs

What's something about financial aid at PUC people might be surprised to learn?

How can I get an estimate of what PUC might cost me?

Why should I bother to apply for FAFSA?

What is Cal Grant? Why should I apply for it?

Are there jobs at PUC to help pay off my tuition bill?

Where can I look for outside scholarships?

Why should I take the SAT or ACT and should I retake them?

What are some of the most important deadlines when it comes to applying for student scholarships or financial aid?

Tuition: 2023-2024

  Quarter Year
Tuition $11,397 $34,191
Housing (Residence Halls) $1,772 $5,316
Meals $1,385 $4,155
General Fee $341 $1,023
Total $14,895 $44,685

Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Rates

  • Associate Rate: $990 per credit hour
  • Master Rate: MBA $450 per credit hour
  • Master Rate: MSN $395 per credit hour
  • Program Specific Tuition Rate: $600
  • Institution Fees: $1,023 general fee

Books budget $1,152

Cost per unit – under 11.5 credits $990
Cost per unit – over 17.5 credits $765

Advance Payment Discount

A cash discount of 4% will be applied if the total estimated yearly balance is remitted by September 15. The discount is calculated on direct costs less all financial aid.