Student Employment

Student Employment

Find a job while at PUC

The Student Employment office is here to help guide you through the application and hiring process at PUC.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

You must be an enrolled PUC college student to apply for a job and be hired through Student Employment.  Non-PUC students (minors including PREP and other high school students, PUC graduates, dependents of faculty/staff attending other educational institutions, etc.) are required to apply for temp/part-time/summer positions through Human Resources.

PUC is on a bi-weekly payroll system, please reference the payroll calendar to see when pay periods end and pay dates are. All hours must be reported on timecards or corrections emailed to timekeepers by midnight on Sat. night of the pay period end date in order to get paid in a timely way.

How To Get A Job

Student Employment does not place students in jobs, it is your responsibility to contact potential employers, apply for, and obtain a job offer.  Some departments and off-campus employers post available positions on Handshake. Some departments have their own application form in addition to the formal PUC application form. 

Helpful Hints

  • Many employers like to see a resume included with an application. 
  • Planning your class schedule with large blocks of time (3-4 hours) will enhance your chances of getting a job. 
  • Not all employers list their open positions on Handshake; if you are interested in working for a specific department, contact them directly and ask if they have any job openings.
  • Read this page thoroughly and follow all instructions explicitly to ensure the process flows smoothly.

Hiring Process for Students Already on Payroll

If you have worked on campus previously, you may still be active in the payroll system.  To find out, email and ask what your status is - we can verify if you are still active. 

If you are still active, tell us what department is now hiring you and we can send an electronic contract to them for the new position. You will NOT need to fill out the complete Application Packet again, just verify with Student Employment that your Direct Deposit information hasn’t changed.

We now have access to the JBDev app for timekeeping so you don’t have to clock in and out with your ID card on the wall clocks around campus. If you prefer to use the wall clocks with your ID card you still have the option to do that once Student Employment activates it.

JBDev Mobile App Instructions

Helpful Documents

Document Info
Use this list to find departments that regularly have jobs for students.