In response to this ongoing crisis, the Department of Education has provided HEERF III funding.  PUC has received $1,551,009. The HEERF III require PUC to prioritize students with exceptional need to obtain a grant.

How does PUC determine those with exceptional need?

  • Priority was given to students with an EFC of $10,001 or less.
  • Students indicated a significant financial detriment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and
  • Students indicated the purpose of the Emergency Grant was to fund allowable expenses (food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, or childcare expenses), and
  • Students needing financial assistance to continue attending PUC

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What could grant funding be used for?

They are designed to assist you in covering basic needs such as:

  • Food & other essential needs
  • Homelessness due to loss of housing or unsafe living environment
  • Medical fees (including mental health)
  • New technology for online classes
  • Overdue bills (medical, rent, utility)
  • Any component of student’s cost of attendance
  • Childcare

How are funds received?

Disbursements will occur via paper check mailed to the mailing address on the application.  The student can select to have HEERF III funds can be transferred to pay outstanding student balances (this is OPTIONAL).

When will I hear if I get a grant?

We anticipate notifying awarded students and distributing grant awards within 21 business days after the application has been submitted.
If you need more immediate assistance, such as those currently living in unsafe environments, please email studentlife@puc.edu.

What is my EFC?

View your Student Aid Report (SAR) at www.studentaid.gov CARES Act Grants are based on the current 2019-2020 EFC.

How much are the grants?

We hope to meet the most immediate needs of pioneers who are affected. The grant amount will vary based on EFC and need.
For more information on the HEERF Grants please visit: https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/heerfiistudent.html.

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