Mathematics & Physics


Organize patterns. Solve complicated problems.

Enhance your ability to organize data and analyze complicated principles to bring to light critical insights that solve important theoretical and real-world problems.

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Teach in California

Students in PUC’s mathematics program can expect to graduate qualified to pass California’s qualification test to teach math.


You’re What Employers Want

Mathematicians are of high value throughout government and industry to help teams make sense of data, design new products, create forecasts, and work on anything involving pattern recognition and analysis.


Skip the TA

Unlike at other, larger schools, PUC students are able to get hands-on experience with high tech modern lab equipment from Day One, without having to go through a Teaching Assistant to get there.


On-Campus Observatory

The department of physics manages the Young Observatory, a fully functional and modern observatory a short walk from the heart of campus. Talk to your professors about access.


Collaborate with Prestigious Laboratories

Dr. Andrianarijaona (Dr. Vola) has received two National Science Foundation grants, allowing the department to collaborate on experiments with prestigious national laboratories including Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge, giving PUC’s undergrad students exclusive access to experiments and scientists across the country.


  • Insurance and Investment
  • Astronomy/Climate study
  • National security
  • Robotics
  • Sports consultant
  • Genetic research
  • Medicine/Dentistry
  • Environmental scientist
  • Aircraft/Automotive industries
  • Aeronautic engineer/astronomer
  • Military Data analyst
  • Software developer
  • Laser engineer

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PacificQuest and PQ Rise Programs Inspire Next Generation to Soar in STEM

Students set things on fire. They studied cadavers. They explored marine life on the Pacific Coast. And they came away with an experience and friends that will last a lifetime. Pacific Union College continues to host its annual PacificQuest and PQ Rise summer camp series, which offers pre-collegiate students a hands-on introduction to the sciences. 

November 13, 2023

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