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Find energy and passion in new opportunities and challenges as you develop your artistic, technological, and entrepreneurial skills to make profound contributions to the future of music.

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Write Your Own Theme Music

Music students have partnered with film students to produce original scores, utilizing the department of music's composition studio. Ask your professors how you can gain access to this resource.


Relief & Relaxation

“Being involved in a music ensemble relaxes me. It allows me to step outside of the daily struggles and focus on something I love, and I love that a lot of it is worship music. It’s an escape, it’s worship, and both are really valuable.” - Kayley Wilson


Be the Conductor

Small class sizes allow all conducting students the experience of conducting a variety of ensembles, including choral, orchestral, jazz, and more.


  • Solo/Symphonic performance
  • Music video producer
  • Conductor
  • Sound technician
  • Music librarian
  • Copyright administrator
  • Music therapist

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PUC on Broadway: Q&A with Co-Director Leila Beltran 

PUC on Broadway was showcased at St. Helena High School Performing Arts Center from February 3-4. People braved the winter weather to watch, but the cast believed it was well worth it.  Leila Beltran, a sophomore liberal studies major, was the co-director for PUC on Broadway with Student Association President Kaitlyn Nakanishi. Leila had a say in how songs were staged, offered a second opinion, and coached the performers. She was also the music director and taught everyone their parts for the songs. Tell us about PUC on Broadway.  PUC on Broadway is the product of people coming together to...

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