Psychology & Social Work

Understand, predict, and positively influence human behavior.

Explore insights into human nature and behavior, enhance your ability to interpret data and arguments, and affirm the value of free inquiry, diversity, responsible citizenship, and service to God and humanity.


Psychology Highlight: Michael Milmine

I find human beings endlessly fascinating, I enjoy conducting research to better understand human behavior, and I love sharing my enthusiasm for psychology with others. When I realized I could have a career which allowed me to engage in all of these activities, I knew I’d found the perfect fit.


Social Work Alumni Highlight: Megan Lish (’09)

“I am an MSW intern at Child Protective Services in Sonoma County. In my internship, I carry child welfare cases and also help to support foster families. My social work professors at PUC were very influential in helping shape the type of social worker I am becoming. Their passion for social justice, their keen insights they provided in the classroom, and their strong sense of integrity left a huge impression on me and I often find myself asking ‘What would my PUC professors tell me to do in this situation?’ when I am faced with making hard decisions at my internship. The things I learned in classes also helped me gain a strong knowledge base, which made returning to graduate school a lot easier. I will always be grateful to my professors and to the PUC department of social work for helping pave my path to success.”


  • Clinical psychology/psychiatry
  • Public relations/Marketing/Advertising
  • Child welfare
  • School counselor
  • Human resources
  • Forensic psychology
  • Sports psychology

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Point In Time: Social Work and Mathematics Students Assist with Government Survey

In late January 2019, several PUC classes assisted local agencies with a government-required Point In Time (PIT) count of the homeless in Clearlake, California. Students in Human Behavior in the Social Environment developed their basic client assessment skills; those in Program Evaluation conducted research on an existing community program; and students in Statistical Methods studied how statistics can provide insight into local communities and play a role in securing and directing resources. The Principles of Counseling class was invited to take part for hands-on experience.

January 31, 2019

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