Homecoming 2024

Homecoming 2024

April 19-20

We have planned an exciting event filled with meaningful programs, class reunion gatherings and opportunities to engage in-person with old friends, professors and your PUC family.

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Andre Hall Renovation

Andre Hall

Goal: $500,000

Help write the next chapter of Andre Hall's history by partnering with us to renovate the residence hall's student rooms.

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Diversity and Inclusion Fund

Diversity and Inclusion Fund

Goal: $54,000

During this time in our country's history, it is now more important than ever to demonstrate our Christian values of care and concern for all of God's children. In the interest of creating a culture of Christian love and acceptance on Pacific Union College's campus, we have identified a role we believe can assist us in our efforts to be a more accepting and inclusive campus community.

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Library – Phase II

Goal $3.1 million

Preserve rich Seventh-day Adventist heritage and expand learning opportunities for students and researchers with this exciting library expansion project.

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Healthcare Heroes


Nicole Olson, ’09

“During the majority of the pandemic I’ve been working at the hospital in the NICU, where I’ve been for 8 years. My experiences at PUC in the Nursing Program helped me want to teach nursing students on my unit, so I do a lot of precepting of students and new hired nurses.”


Melissa Setterlund, '15

“I’m working on a medical telemetry unit in Portland, Oregon that was turned into the non-ICU COVID unit. It’s been stressful, frustrating, and uncertain at times. I’m grateful to PUC for providing me with my nursing education.”


Krystal Aldred, ’13

“I just got my 5 year Recognition at American Medical Response (in November) and I can remember going to class at PUC and running through all our skills, scenes and scenarios with my professors (Levi and James). They really gave me the tools I needed to be good at what I do now. I truly love being on the ambulance even during the pandemic.”


Kaylyn (Hamada) Jones, ’11

“I have been working in PACU and ICU during covid. I would not be the nurse I am without the strong education I received at PUC.”


Tyler McCulloch, ’13

“I am an Ed Nurse and have worked in the Emergency Department during the pandemic. At PUC I learned the importance of treating the whole person, not just their ailment. During the pandemic this became even more important as patients were isolated away from their families. I appreciate the whole person care PUC offered.”


Benjamin Tan, ’12

“I am currently a fourth-year resident in general surgery. The connections and relationships I developed at PUC form the basis for how I connect and show love and care to those in my life.”


Camille (Heinrich) Matute, ’10

“During the pandemic, I’ve been working as a Speech Language Pathologist in a skilled nursing facility, helping patients who have difficulty with swallowing, communication and cognitive function. I first became interested in the field while at PUC where I was able to take an introductory course! I’m so thankful for my experiences at PUC which helped prepare me for this career.”


Levi Gore, ’08

“I work as a Nurse Practitioner at Lodi Memorial Hospital and get to work with and meet some amazing and wonderful people, some of which are even fellow PUCites! While this has been a difficult year I am grateful for the daily connection with patients and coworkers. I have been blessed from the skills and relationships developed while at PUC.”


Cristian Villegas, ’17

“PUC has helped me in so many ways. From the wonderful teachers that challenged me and inspired a deeper love for learning, including but not limited to Dr. Vola and Dr. Pak, to the wonderful ministry opportunities that further cemented me on the path to medicine and my faith in God. Thank you PUC for helping me on this journey!”


Lauren (Savino) Hunter, att. ’06-’08

“This past year, I have continued to work part-time as a speech language pathologist at our local hospital in Tillamook, Oregon. I’m thankful that we have the ability to modify treatment while still staying safe. I love my job and I am grateful I was able to take the Intro to Speech Pathology course that PUC offered my freshmen year. The rest is history!”


James Appel, att. '94-'95

"I have been working in Africa since 2004, mostly in the Republic of Tchad. For the last year and a half, during the Covid 19 pandemic, I’ve been working at a small county hospital in Robertsport, Liberia as one of two doctors in the only hospital in Grand Cape Mount County. It was during my time at PUC—right after spending a year in South America as a student missionary—that I decided I wanted to be a missionary doctor. And I’m still loving that decision!"


Caitlin (Boren) Brooks, att. ’06-’09

“Working as a physical therapist in a hospital during the pandemic has been really stressful but I’m so thankful that my experience at PUC set me on this path. It’s so fulfilling to help patients on their way to recovery!”

Homecoming 2024

We are thrilled to announce that PUC’s Homecoming is April 19-20! We have planned an exciting event filled with meaningful programs, class reunion gatherings and opportunities to engage in-person with old friends, professors and your PUC family.

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Catch up with classmates, expand your network, and explore opportunities to mentor current students through LinkedIn.

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Meet the Alumni Team


Kellie Lind, ’82

Vice President for Alumni & Advancement

What’s your favorite place at PUC? The Swimming pool!! I life guarded, taught swimming, taught Swim and Stay Fit, played water polo and took lifesaving classes from Dr. Reynolds!


DeAnna Cordis, '04

Director of Project Management & Office Manager

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Distinguished Alumni


Alex Chang, '19

PUC alum Alex Chang (B.S. in Chemistry with a Biochemistry Emphasis ‘19) recently published a book titled, Your Corner. The book is about his experience with missions- including stories from his time as a PUC student missionary.


Marnie Breckenridge, '93

Marnie Breckenridge is an internationally acclaimed soprano from St. Helena. Growing up, she loved singing and was a natural performer, and her teachers throughout high school and college told her that she could do this professionally.


Nephtali Marin, '21

Nephtali Marin graduated from PUC in 2021 with a B.F.A in Film, and decided to stay on our beautiful campus to continue his passion for videography by helping out the PR department. Having worked at PUC’s PR office since his freshman year of college, he shares that being a part of the Pioneers family is a beautiful thing and a relationship that lasts a lifetime.


Brenda Mohr, '85

Brenda Mohr graduated with Music Education in 1985, and was the first organ student to present her senior recital on the mighty Rieger Organ. She loved PUC because of the beautiful location, spiritual environment, caring professors, and the wonderful people who became lifelong friends. She is now the Director of Choirs at Loma Linda University Church and loves serving through music ministry.


Dr. Carlyn Ferrari, '06

PUC alumna Dr. Carlyn Ferrari (English, writing emphasis B.A. ’06) wrote a book titled, Do Not Separate Her From Her Garden: Anne Spencer’s Ecopoetics, where she shows how Anne Spencer used nature symbolism in radical and innovative ways to express her Black womanhood, politics, and worldview.


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