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Written and compiled by Herbert (Herb) Ford, '54

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Weddings & Births

  • Lindsay Morton, PUC Vice President for Academic Administration, and Jonny Hayasaka, att. '97-'98, were married in Angwin, Calif., on June 11, 2023.
  • Evleena Bouit, '21, and Stefaan Dick, '19 and '20, were married in Deer Park, Wash., on May 28, 2023.
  • Zaira Wilson, '22, and Reuben Dick, '20, were married in Angwin, Calif., on July 30, 2023.
  • Sydney Elizabeth Casey, daughter of Allie (Evans) Casey, '11, and Jon Casey, was born in Encinitas, Calif., on March 4, 2023.
  • Oliver Kosta Scales, son of Chris Scales and Kalli (Avila) Scales, was born in Laguna Niguel, Calif., on February 24, 2023. (PUC Payroll Coordinator Bonnie Rick, ‘81, is one proud Grandma!)
  • Shiloh Rose Hernandez, daughter of Carolyn (Benner) Hernandez,'19, and Johnny Hernandez,'16, was born in Napa, Calif., on May 25, 2023.

News Notes

We are proud of the achievements of our alumni family and we encourage you to share yours! Simply submit an update to have yours added to the list.


Robert Johnston, ’53, who has been fondly called “the reigning rabbi” of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary (located on the campus of Andrews University in Michigan), is, at a total of 49 years, getting dangerously close to having taught at the Seminary for half a century! Otherwise, Bob has received a “Festschrift” from the faculty of Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea, where he taught for 11 years, and the Adventist Society of Religious Studies. He also recently taught for a term at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines.

Two relatively rare awards have been conferred on Herbert Ford, ’54, by the United States Air Force and the U.S. Congress. Ford recently received the WWII Congressional Gold Medal for wartime merchant marine sea service in the Pacific Ocean in 1945. He also received the United States Air Force Headquarters Staff Badge for his service in the Air Adjutant General’s Office in the Pentagon from 1946 through 1948. The citation of the U.S. Congress award reads, in part: “The Congressional Gold Medal, which is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. Congress, honors those whose dedication, heroism, and public service have created a lasting impact on American history.”

Cyril and Charlotte Hartman, both ’57, are taking life a bit easier in Orofino, Idaho, these days after their 16 years of serving in mission hospitals in Nigeria, Ghana, and Monument Valley, Utah. They met at PUC and married in 1958, while Cyril was in medical school. In their “empty” years, the couple sang with a chorale, and visited friends across the U.S. Now, in Orofino, they find that gardening and supporting local churches keeps them active.


“The Inner Circle,” a career advancement organization, has prominently featured Robert Torrey, Jr., ’66, as a Pinnacle Platinum Healthcare Professional for his contributions to the field of urologic oncology. Robert’s medical training includes receiving an M.D. degree from Loma Linda (Calif.) University (LLU); internships at Georgia Baptist Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia; and Washington Children’s Hospital; a residency at Redlands (Calif.) Community Hospital; and a Fellowship in urologic oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Robert currently teaches at LLU’s School of Medicine, in addition to his private practice of medicine.

After 49 years of medical practice, William Oh, ’69, and his wife have been helping at the Guam Seventh-day Adventist Clinic since March 2023. “It is amazing how many missionaries and others who work on this tiny Pacific island are fellow PUC alumni,” writes William. “Significant needs are here, and there are many opportunities for any able bodies to join us while the harvest is ready.”


M. Yolanda Johnston, ’72, must hold some kind of longevity record in teaching: she has been teaching at the Calexico Mission School of the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for 50 years! Just a year after her graduation from Pacific Union College, Yolanda began teaching at the California-Mexico border school, and she says she will probably not retire “until the grandchildren of some of my earlier students start showing up in my classroom,” even as the children of a quite a number of her former students already have.

A lot of nostalgia was wrapped up in a recent nuptial event at which Nancy, ’74, and Bob, ’73, ’80, Thornton were the principals: On their 50th wedding anniversary, on June 8, 2023, in Sacramento, California, with 50 friends and their families at the celebration, Nancy wore her original wedding gown on their original wedding day.

Pastor Elliott C. Osborne, ’77, has finally gotten out of jail, he says. “After many years in ministry, and three retirements, and as a professor and county jail chaplain, I am now unemployed,” writes Elliott. His service as a minister of the Seventh-day Adventist faith includes a co-ministry of 34 years, along with his wife, Sonia Marie. Those were years that also included service as missionaries in Kenya, East Africa. The Osbornes are the parents of five children and four grandchildren.


Geoffrey Sewell, ’88, has been called to serve as Senior Youth and Young Adult Ministries director of the Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, headquartered in Glendale, California. Although he is a physician, Geoffrey has served the church in a variety of non-medical roles. In December 2022, he received a master’s in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University in Michigan.


In July 2023, Jesse A. Clark, ’03, was announced as the new head coach of the Urban Knights women’s basketball team at the Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco, California. To his new role as an AAU coach, Jesse brought over 25 seasons of collegiate coaching experience. Before coming to AAU, he served on the coaching staff of the Tritons basketball team at the University of California, San Diego. Earlier, he coached the Sea Lions women’s basketball team at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.

Stacey (Guffey) Smith, ’05, who operates a child care center for 95 children in Big Timber, Montana, is rejoicing over the fact that the State of Montana has recently awarded her a grant of $383,000 to expand her facility, the only state-licensed childcare center in Montana’s Sweet Grass county. Stacey and husband Casey are the parents of two kids, Sequoia and Chevelle. Casey is the founding member of the Sweet Grass Technical Institute, which teaches high school students auto mechanics.


Heidi Jorgenson, ’12, has recently been named superintendent of education of the Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, whose headquarters is in Reno, Nevada. As the education leader, Heidi is now superintending the teaching and operations of the eight schools of the two-state administrative unit of the church. Her appointment came after she had gained years of education experience from her association with elementary and secondary educational institutions of the Northern California Conference, the Mid-America Union, and the North American Division of the Adventist church.

After serving in pastoral ministry in the Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for several years, and then as a chaplain at the Phoenix (Ariz.) Children’s Hospital in the territory of the Arizona Conference of the church, Javi Casas, ’13, was ordained to the gospel ministry in the traditional laying on of hands ceremony on May 31, 2023, at the Arizona Conference headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Talk about heavy workloads, Ruben Vargas, ’14, has been assigned the task of being pastor of two California Seventh-day Adventist churches and of serving as the leader of an additional church “company.” In April, he was appointed by the Northern California Conference of Adventists to be pastor of the Napa and St. Helena Spanish Adventist churches and the Sonoma Spanish Adventist church company. Earlier, Ruben was pastor of the Tracy (Calif.) Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In Memory

We remember our lost brothers and sisters in Christ and pray for the day we are all reunited with our Heavenly Father.

Former Faculty and Staff

Betty Lou (Barnacle) Jackson, Former PUC Staff, died in July 2023. She was born on July 12, 1937, in Oto, Iowa. Betty Lou lived in Glendale and Ventura, California, before she moved to Angwin, California, where she was employed in the Register’s Office of Pacific Union College. She is survived by her daughters: Debbie, Teresa Schweizer, Cindi Rafoth, Vicki Grenier, and Kathy “Katie” Jackson. She is also survived by her son, Robert “Bobbie” Jackson; by six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren; and by her sister, Beverly Montagne.

Allison Denise Fox, ‘01, Pacific Union College Access Services Librarian, and Honors Director, died on May 9, 2023, in St. Helena, California. She was born on February 10, 1978, in St. Helena. Following her graduation from PUC, Allison earned two master’s degrees, one in British literature from San Diego State University, and the second in library and information science from Simmons College. After working at the University of Redlands library, she was employed by two Napa Valley organizations. Allison began her service at PUC as an adjunct for the English Department. In 2017, she became the Access Services Librarian in the Nelson Memorial Library. In 2020, she took on the additional role of Honors Director for the college. Allison is survived by her parents, Cheryl and Chuck Fox; and by her sisters, Heidi and Lizzie.

Frederick Hess, Former PUC Staff, died in July 2023. He was born on May 30, 1938. Fred was predeceased by his wife Marcella.

Fred M. Kinsey, Former Faculty, a Seventh-day Adventist mass communicator, and former Voice of Prophecy radiobroadcast speaker, died on July 17, 2023, in Walnut Creek, California. He was born on May 3, 1952. Fred began his Adventist service career as a church pastor in Ohio and afterward joined the Northern California Conference of the denomination as its communication director. He also served as a public relations professor and chairman of the Communication Department of Pacific Union College. He was an assistant to the president of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. His last period of service was as a speaker of the Adventists’ Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast. Fred is survived by his wife, Lynette; by his two children, Stephanie and Jeffrey; and by his four grandchildren.

James Mercer, Former Music Faculty, died in Portland, Oregon. He is survived by his wife, Lenore; his daughters, Laura Wellman, and Gerta Cheek; and by his son, Stephen Mercer.

Myrna (Nelson) Odom, Att. ‘50s, a former Pacific Union College (PUC) staff member, died on December 21, 2022, in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Myrna was an accompanist in the PUC Music Department. She also served at the College’s library reference desk. Later, she became the choir teacher at Valley Grande Academy in Texas. Myrna was also the bookkeeper at Canadian Union College; the librarian at Broadview Academy; a bookkeeper at Supreme Broom Company in Collegedale, Tennessee; and the treasurer of the Professional and Business Association in Collegedale. Myrna is survived by her husband, John Leo Odom, ’55, ’63.

Ronald Karl Qualley, Staff, died on August 14, 2023. Ron, a former Dean of Men at Pacific Union College, was born on August 4, 1949.


Charles R. Baker, 67, a clergyman, died on April 27, 2020, in Sacramento, California. He was born on June 4, 1944, in Lodi, California. After receiving a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Andrews University in Michigan, Charles served as a chaplain at Loma Linda University Hospital in Loma Linda, California. He is survived by three brothers, James (Jim) Delmer Baker, Kenneth (Ken) Dale Baker, and Frederic (Fred) Baker. Charles was the son of James D. Baker, M.D., and Arta Luella (Bietz) Baker.

Delbert L. Beiler, ’59, a retired physician, died on June 23, 2023, in Yuba City, California. He was born on August 26, 1935, in Modesto, California. Bert became a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in 1958. In 1969 he took his family to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he earned an M.D. degree from a medical university. He then practiced medicine for 45 years in Texas, Oklahoma, and California, working until he was 82 years old. Bert is survived by his daughters, Delanne Pruitt and Diana Beiler; by his sister, Paula Caruthers; and by his brother, Tim Erickson.

George Boghosian, ’80, a nurse, died on May 1, 2023, in Santa Rosa, California. He was born in San Francisco, California, on December 2, 1948. Proud of his mother, Alice, who served as a nurse during World War II, George earned an associate degree in nursing at Pacific Union College. As a nurse, he worked in correctional facilities and drug rehabilitation centers in Sonoma and Marin counties. George is survived by his long-time friend Linda Harper and by cousins in Wisconsin.

Arthur Bigelow, ’68, a hospital staff member, died on August 3, 2023, in Pineville, Oregon. He was born on July 16, 1931, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A veteran of service in the United States Coast Guard and Naval Reserve, Arthur worked at the U.S. Veterans Hospital in Roseburg, Oregon.

Robert W. Blue, Att. ‘50s, died on June 9, 2023, in Pleasant Hill, California. He was born on July 16, 1931, in Ventura, California. A veteran of military service in the Korean War from 1951 to 1953, Robert graduated from LaSierra College and Loma Linda University. He is survived by his wife, Gwen Cooprider Blue; by his daughter, Trish Blue; by his son, David Blue; and by his sister, Marilyn Schmidt.

Joy Cho,’99, a teacher, pastor, lecturer, and missionary, died on August 11, 2023, while hiking in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. She was born on August 3, 1976, in Busan, South Korea. After her graduation from PUC, Joy earned an MS degree from La Sierra (Calif.) University, and then served as a teacher at Bakersfield (Calif.) Adventist Academy for five years. In 2006, she was the director of music and a secretary of the Bakersfield Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. For four years, she was the youth pastor of the Loma Linda (Calif.) Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church. She served as a missionary at leper colonies in China, and was a speaker for The Maker Heals seminar in Thailand, India, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Joy is survived by her father, Joseph Cho; her mother, Anita Cho; and her brother, Mike Cho.

Dan Coker, Att. ‘70s, an educator, died on June 14, 2023, in Palm Springs, California. He was born on March 1, 1949, in Vallejo, California. In addition to his attendance at PUC, Dan also attended Napa (Calif.) Valley Community College, and Sacramento (Calif.) State University. He retired as principal of the Redwood Middle School in Napa, and lived for 12 years before his death in Palm Springs, California. Dan is survived by his parents.

Norma Cravey, ’66, died on March 22, 2023, in Sebastopol, California. She was born in 1935. Norma is survived by her husband, Jerry Cravey; and by her daughter, Terri Cole.

Marlin D. Czajkowski, ’75, the creator of the off-road-vehicle “rock crawler” industry, died on March 9, 2023, while on a cruise in the waters of the Mexican Riviera. He was born on September 16, 1955, in southern California. Automobiles, and especially off-road vehicles – their operation, repair, enhancement, and improvement – commanded much of Marlin’s time throughout his life. Through his Marlin’s Crawler auto parts store in Fresno, California, and his assistance to hundreds of rock-crawling off-road vehicle owners who found themselves in trouble on the boulder-strewn, world-famous “Rubicon Trail” in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Marlin became a famous and beloved person by thousands of off-roaders worldwide. From his customized, auto-parts-loaded, red “Marlin Crawler” Toyota pickup truck and trailer, he never failed to set a stranded Rubicon Trail off-roader on their way. Marlin is survived by his wife, Christine; by his daughter, Chrystal; and by his son, Michael.

Harold Romain Dixon III, ’67, ’71, died May 23, 2023, in Spangle, Washington. He was born on November 7, 1944, in San Jose, California. Harold is survived by his wife, Janelle (Jenks) Dixon; by his daughter, Lara Dowie; by his son, Shawn; and by one grandchild.

Waldena Joyce Gaede, ’68, died on April 7, 2022, in Loma Linda, California. She was born on July 5, 1945, in Lodi, California. Waldena is survived by her brother, Rodney Gaede.

Vernon W. Gomes, ’51, retired public works official, died on February 10, 2023, in Mountain View, California. He was born on February 25, 1929, in Oakland, California. Vernon spent his working career in the Town of Los Altos, California, from the late 1950s until his retirement in the mid-1980s. His first job was as a building inspector, and he was soon promoted to planning director for the town, a position he held until his retirement. Vernon’s wife, Velma, ’54, died on February 1, 2017, in Mountain View. Vernon is survived by his daughters, Vicki Driver, ‘77, and Valerie Minder, ’81; and two grandchildren.

Karylyn Goodman, ’66, died on May 19, 2023, in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She was born on May 12, 1932, in Blue Rock, Arkansas. Karylyn is survived by her sons, Todd, and Randall Goodman.

Darolene (Balser) Grabow, Att. ’54-56, died on November 19, 2022, in Greeley, Colorado. She was born on May 8, 1937, in Endicott, Washington. Darolene is survived by her children, Kenny, Jim, Darla Humphries, and Della Utt; and by four grandchildren.

Florence (Sammon) Hardesty, Att. ’49-’51, died on March 10, 2023, in Glendale, California. She was born on May 7, 1932, in Oakland, California. Florence is survived by three sons; by 12 grandchildren; by 18 great-grandchildren; and by her sister, Beverly Sammon.

Priscilla (Whalley) Hindmarsh, Att. ’46-52, died on January 15, 2023. She was born on November 14, 1926. An active part of the Paradise (Calif.) Seventh-day Adventist Church since 1975, Pricilla was also actively involved with the Paradise (Calif.) Adventist Academy alumni for many years. She is survived by her daughter, Heather Hindmarsh.

Robert Leland Horner, Sr., ’48, a retired orthopedic surgeon, died on February 12, 2023. He was born on April 21, 1928. After receiving an M.D. degree from Loma Linda (Calif.) University, Robert practiced medicine in Corona, California, for more than 20 years. He is survived by his wife, Lirlie Jane Horner; by his son, Robert L. Horner; and by his sister, Dorothy L. Bauer.

Genevieve Johnson, ’52, died on January 12, 2022, in Bellevue, Washington. She was born on March 23, 1926, in Dallas County, Texas.

Karen Alyse (Olson) Johnson, ’74, died on May 2, 2023, in Richland, Washington. She was born on February 19, 1953, in San Jose, California. Karen is survived by her daughter, Kirsten Hanson; by her son, Erik; by two grandchildren; by her sister, Donna Olson; and by her brothers, Eric, Bill, and Bob Olson.

Dorane King, Att. ‘50s, a businesswoman, died on August 29, 2023, in Flagstaff, Arizona. She was born on October 31, 1939, in Brooklyn, New York. Dorane was a partner with her husband, Bill King, in a custom design and building business for 60 years. During her life she lived in Michigan, Ghana, Africa; London, England; and Glendale, California, before moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. Dorane is survived by her husband, Bill; by her daughter, Judy Colegrove; and by her grandson, Avery Colegrove.

June Koval, Att. ‘40s, a former secretary of the Pacific Union College Seventh-day Adventist Church, died on April 10, 2023, in Napa, California. She was born on July 9, 1927. A member of the PUC church from 1971 to 2018, June gave much of her time to volunteer service as a deaconess, narthex information desk attendant, and as a member of the church’s membership committee. June’s husband, Dan Koval, a mathematics professor at Pacific Union College, died in 2001. She is survived by her two sons, Daniel and David, and their families.

Don Lane, Sr., ’66, a retired Seventh-day Adventist pastor and church builder, died on June 2, 2023, in Santa Rosa, California. He was born on January 10, 1933, in Los Angeles, California. After his graduation from PUC, Don, accompanied by his wife Arlene, became the pastor of the Redding, California Seventh-day Adventist Church. That ministry was followed by his serving as pastor of Adventist churches in Healdsburg, California; Enumclaw, Washington; and Novato, Anderson, and Santa Rosa in California. He was the administrator of the Napa Valley Retirement Home in Yountville, California, for 11 years. After retiring in 2001, Don served as pastor of the Sebastopol, California. Predeceased by his wife, Arlene, and his son, Don Lane, Jr., Don is survived by his three daughters, Kitty Kester, Dainett Bowers, and Deb Lane; by his adopted daughter, Lucinda Loftus; by his adopted son, Rich Simmons; by six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Kelvin “Kelly” A. Lindgren, ’55, a physician, died on November 8, 2022, in Vancouver, Washington. He was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. After receiving his M.D. degree from Loma Linda (Calif.) University, and additional medical training at Columbia University in New York City, Kelly practiced ear, nose, and throat medicine in Roseville, California, and Vancouver for 50 years. He is survived by his wife, Valerie Alexander; by his children, Jeffrey Lindgren, Darcy Cole, and Jennifer Lindgren Pancoast; and by his seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

David Loo, Att. ’62-‘65, a retired clinical laboratory scientist, died on May 21, 2023, in Lemoore, California. He was born in Fresno, California, on April 25, 1944. David worked in private laboratories and hospitals in Corcoran and Fresno, California, and retired from more than 30 years of service at Adventist Health Hanford (hospital) in Hanford, California. David was predeceased by his wife, Gina (Edwards) Loo. He is survived by his daughters, Joann Loo and Julie Loo Mendes; by his sister, Alice Loo; by his brothers, Ivan and Victor Loo; and by five grandchildren.

Yvonne A. Miller, Att. ‘50s, a registered nurse, died on February 22, 2023. She was born on February 9, 1936. She graduated from Loma Linda (Calif.) University. Yvonne is survived by her daughter, Sherri; by her sons, Ron and Jim; and by four grandchildren. Ronald Neish, ’62, a former church administrator, died on March 9, 2023, in Oak Glen, California. He was born on April 27, 1931, in Banff, Alberta, Canada. A literature evangelist in Canada and the United States, Ronald was also a missionary in the Southern Asia Division of the Seventh-day Adventist church for 10 years. He served as the first president of the Bangladesh Union of Adventists. He was also a volunteer sheriff’s chaplain for 23 years, and ministered at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center disaster in New York. Ronald is survived by his wife, Christine; his daughter, Valerie; his sons, Brian, Kevin, and Ronald (Bill); and by 10 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Kenneth E. Nelson, Att. ‘70s, died on July 8, 2023, in Gold River, California. He was born on December 21, 1951, in Loma Linda, California. Kenneth is survived by his wife, Terri Zytkoskee-Nelson; by his daughter, Melissa Nelson-Trafficante; by his sons, Stanley Nelson II, and Bryan Nelson; by his sibling, Genie Sample; and by four grandchildren.

Doyce Zalmon Nicola, ’65, an entrepreneur, died on April 19, 2023, in Loma Linda, California. He was born on September 6, 1942, in Loma Linda. A lifelong resident of Loma Linda, Doyce was a skilled entrepreneur. He is survived by his wife, Janice; by his daughter, Kim Baer; by his son, Heath; by his three grandchildren; and by siblings Blanche Wilson and Quintes Nicola.

R. Merrel Olesen, ’54, a plastic surgeon, died on May 11, 2023, in La Jolla, California. He was born in Petaluma, California, on December 26, 1932. After graduating from Pacific Union College, Merrel joined the U.S. Army and served in its biologic warfare testing program called “Operation Whitecoat.” He received his doctor of medicine degree from Loma Linda (Calif.) University in 1960. After completing a medical residency in otolaryngology in 1965, he practiced medicine in Maryland and then in La Jolla for 10 years. After completing a second residency at the University of Michigan, he began his long career as a “double-boarded” plastic surgeon in La Jolla. Merrel, together with his second wife Marie, created helpful medical devices and authored medical books. For 10 years, he made monthly trips to the La Mesa Penitentiary in Tijuana, Mexico, to do cosmetic surgery on prisoners in that large penal institution. Merrel is survived by his wife, Marie; by his children, Scott, Matthew, and Laura; by his two grandchildren; and by his sibling, Ole C. Olesen.

Michael David Preyer, ’80, an aeronautical engineer, died on December 5, 2022. He was born on March 4, 1948. After teaching in Seventh-day Adventist schools for five years, Michael worked as an aeronautical engineer for Boeing, and McDonald Douglas aircraft companies. The last 19 years of his engineering career were with Northrop Grumman aircraft company in San Diego, California, where he contributed to the development of the B-2 “Spirit” stealth bomber, and the groundbreaking X-47B aircraft. Michael is survived by his wife, Genelle Clayton-Preyer, ’79; by his children, Tiffany and Steven; by four grandchildren; by his mother, Virginia Preyer-Coombs, ’59; by his step-father, Bob Coombs, ’68; and by his father-in-law, Charles Clayton.

John M. Reeves, ’52, who was associated with Loma Linda (Calif.) University, died on March 23, 2023, in Loma Linda. He was born on September 4, 1929, in Derby, England. John is survived by his daughters, Ann Jass and Heather Sue Few; by his sons, David and Michael; and by three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Jerry Lynn Schull, ’60, physician and military officer, died on May 4, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. After receiving his M.D. degree, doing a medical internship, and completing a fellowship in gastroenterology, Jerry, in 1966, joined the United States Air Force, with initial duty at the Grant Medical Center of Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. He retired from military service as a colonel and chairman of the Internal Medicine Department at the USAF Regional Medical Center in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1986. He practiced medicine in Napa, California, following his 20 years of military service. In 1992, he moved to Las Vegas to train physicians with Southwest Medical Associates. Jerry is survived by his wife, Carol; by his children, Cheryl Palmer, Jerry Lynn Schull, Jr., and Teresa Melendez; by his eight grandchildren and his six great-grandchildren. Jerry married Rosemary Ermsher in 1960, the mother of his children, but later divorced.

Julie (May) Seltzer, Att. ‘70s, a medical staff member, died on May 2, 2023. She was born on February 4, 1950. Julie worked in the area of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in many positions for decades, ending her work in the Glendale (Calif.) Adventist Medical Center and the White Memorial Hospital medical records departments. She is survived by her daughter, Karen Carpenter; and by five grandchildren.

Patricia “Patti” (Martin) (Hare) Swensen, Att. ’54, a retired Seventh-day Adventist church worker, died on July 20, 2023, in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She was born on June 6, 1936, in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. The daughter of a former Pacific Union College (PUC) church pastor, Hubert Martin, Patti attended the PUC Preparatory School, studied secretarial science at PUC, and in 1954 married a fellow classmate, Peter Hare ’54. Numerous moves after their marriage ended with Patti’s husband’s death in 2006. Patti worked at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and at Columbia Union College, the school from which she earned her undergraduate degree, before retiring in 1998. In 2009, Patti married Raymond Swensen, and they split their living locations between Daytona Beach, Florida, and Green Valley, Arizona, before moving to Hendersonville in 2020. Patti is survived by her husband, Raymond O. Swensen; her children, Carol Pack and Calvin Hare; and by her stepson, Reg Swensen. She is also survived by two grandchildren and two step-grandchildren; and by her sister, Lenore Combs.

Winona (Werner) Vipond, Att. ’49-’53, died on March 10, 2023, in Camino, California. She was born on May 12, 1931. Winona was a Bible Worker of the Seventh-day Adventist church in South Dakota. She is survived by her daughters, Cindy, Susie, Anita, and Heidi; by seven grandchildren; by nine great-grandchildren; and by siblings Bob Werner, Donald Werner, and Anita Werner.

Rodney Allen Weis, ‘Att. ’56-‘58, a retired farmer, died on June 7, 2023, in Napa, California. He was born in Coalinga, California, on November 9, 1938. Raised on his parent’s farm near Madera, California, Rodney attended Ripperdan Elementary School, Fresno Union Academy, and Pacific Union College. During his career as a farmer, Rodney raised grapes for raisins and almonds. He was an innovative farmer, implementing integrated pest management that allowed his crops to flourish. Rodney was predeceased by his son Greg. He is survived by his wife, Kathie; by his son, Russell; by his daughter, Janet Wellington; and by four grandchildren and one step-grandchild.

Paul Allen Willis, ’70, died on February 3, 2023, in Boise, Idaho. He was born on December 28, 1941, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Paul is survived by his wife, Donna (Gonzales) Willis; by his daughter, Suzanne Kites; by his sons, Paul, and James; by five grandchildren; and by one step-grandchild.

Hugh P. Winn, ’78, died on April 2, 2022, in Walla Walla, Washington. He was born on April 5, 1937, in Pocatello, Idaho. Hugh is survived by his daughters, Denise Rutledge and Deanna Miller; by three grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, three great-grandchildren; and by his brother, Ted Winn.