Student Employment

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

You can start working after you receive an email from Student Employment telling you that you are cleared to begin working. 

When all of your documentation is complete, Student Employment will send an Electronic Employment Authorization form (contract) to the hiring department.  When we receive that back from the department we will email you and the department that you are cleared to begin work.  Legally you may not begin working until all of the above forms, including the Employment Authorization form, have been completed and returned to the Student Employment office. 

What if I’m sick?

If you get sick and cannot go work for your scheduled shift, fill out a Sick Leave Request form. Sick Leave forms must be turned in with 48 hours of returning to work or before the end of the current pay period, whichever is sooner, or you will forfeit being able to use those sick leave hours.  After you fill it out, ask your supervisor to sign it and then give it to your departmental timekeeper to enter the hours in JBDev.  Click the link below to find the form.

Sick Leave Request Form

What if I lost my ID card?

If you lost your ID card and you are using it to clock in for work instead of using the JBDev app, or the timeclock stopped working and you couldn’t clock in, fill out a manual timesheet.  Make sure to record your hours in military time and fill out every field on the form.  Get your supervisor’s signature to sign off and give it to the Departmental timekeeper to record the hours in JBDev before the end of the pay period.  It is YOUR responsibility to follow up with your Department’s timekeeper to ensure your hours or corrections have been entered in time for payroll.  If they are not entered on time, the Departmental timekeeper will need to submit your time sheet to Payroll to enter the hours as a pay period adjustment and they will not be paid out until the following pay period. Please click the link below to find the form. 

Manual Timesheet Form

How much will I earn?

Campus Student Worker jobs are paid at minimum wage unless the position is a designated 'hard-to-fill' position.  Student Employment can advise you which positions fall into that category.  Hard-to-fill positions are reviewed by Human Resources periodically and may return to minimum wage at any time.

Payday is alternate Thursdays (see the Payroll Calendar link below for pay period end dates and pay dates).  Your first paycheck needs to be picked up at Student Employment.  Paychecks are available after 9 a.m. on pay dates.  If you have enrolled in Direct Deposit, subsequent checks will go directly to your bank account on pay dates.

If your home address changes, make sure to change it on the Student Finance page of the PUC website as if you don’t pick up your check from Student Employment within 3 weeks, we will put it in the mail to your address on file.

Payroll Calendar

Can I have my check deposited into my bank account?

As an employee of Pacific Union College or Howell Mountain Enterprises, we strongly recommend you enroll in direct deposit. This free service transfers your earnings directly into your checking or savings account at your bank.  Direct deposit takes one full payroll cycle (two weeks) to establish service, which is why your first paycheck will be a paper check that you pick up at the Student Employment office (unless you work for HME as HME checks are distributed at your job location). Having direct deposit means you won't have to wait till you get back from school breaks to pick up your checks or risk forgetting to pick up your last check at the end of the school year and wait for it to be mailed to you. 

NOTE: If you plan to close your bank account or change banks, we need at least one weeks’ notice so we can put a stop date on your direct deposit. 

NOTE:  PUC is not responsible to recover or replace funds if your direct deposit goes to an account that has been closed.  It is your responsibility to notify us to stop your Direct Deposit to that account no later than the Thursday prior to pay day (7 days).  Use a Direct Deposit Change Form and turn it in to Student Employment in person.

If you open a new bank account, you need to submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Direct Deposit Form

What if I lost my check? Can I replace it?

If you have lost or destroyed your paycheck the check can be replaced by contacting the Payroll Office at extension 7300. Requests to replace lost checks take 7 days to process and a stop payment fee may be added to your account.

What is the Federal Work Study Program and what does it mean to me?

This program usually begins in either winter or spring quarter. If you qualify, a portion of your wages may be subsidized through the Federal Work Study Program. Student Finance awards Work Study funds based on financial need, there is nothing you need to do.  Jobs subsidized by the Work Study Program will be on separate paychecks so if you have more than one job on campus and one or more of those jobs are subsidized by the Work Study Program part of the year, you will receive multiple checks, one for Work Study positions and one for non-Work Study positions.

International Students

International Students may work on campus up to 20 hours per week while school is in session and up to 40 hours during full weeks of scheduled school vacations. Additional documents, such as your I-94 form and passport, are required for identification. Some employees may also be eligible for a tax exemption if a treaty exists between their country and the United States. Please talk with the International Student Support office at Student Services for more information.