Campus Security

Parking Citations

Enforcement of Parking Regulations

PUC uses parking citations, vehicle impound, and towing as applicable for enforcement of all parking regulations and laws.

Parking Citations

Parking citations may be issued for each calendar day for a given violation, or for additional/different violations within the same calendar day. Citations can be resolved by payment, work plans, payment plans, or appeals. Citations not resolved in 3 business days will be considered delinquent. Citations older than 21 calendar days (inclusive) of the citation date are subject to increased penalties and available options for resolution are subsequently limited.

If You Get a Parking Citation

Resolve the issue as soon as possible. There may be circumstances that could grant the citation excused. If not, you will have more options to resolve the citation if you act upon it quickly, rather than letting it become delinquent. Unresolved and/or delinquent citations carry larger penalties!

Resolving a Citation

You can make cash, check, or credit card payment to the cashier. If made within three business days of the citation, a $10.00 discount is given. The fine/fee can be applied to the student bill, which will be reviewed by the student financial counselor for approval. If warranted, a deferred payment plan can be established whereby the fine/fee is collected in increments over time.

Current students can work off citations by obtaining an on-campus job posted at the Payroll Office or online in the Student Employment section. Portions of paychecks can be deferred towards the fines/fees.

Appeal Process

Appeals for an initial review may be made within 21 calendar days (inclusive) from the date the citation was issued. Per California Law, appeals for an initial review that are submitted after 21 calendar days (inclusive) of the citation date will be rejected. Appeal forms are available on-line, or a form can be picked up at the Campus Security office. The first step of an appeal is an initial review. Results of the appeal will be sent by mail or intercampus mail where appropriate.

Citation Appeal Form

If you are dissatisfied with the results of the initial review, the appeal can be sent to the Traffic Appeals Committee for further review. Payment for the parking citation must be made prior to submission to the Committee. Payment is considered as cash, check, or credit card only (no Student Bill charges). The Traffic Appeals Committee functions as the college's traffic court. The Traffic Appeals Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives. Requests for a hearing of the Traffic Appeals Committee must be made within 21 calendar days of the date of the initial review rejection notice. You may appear in person or appeal in writing. You will be notified of the results of this appeal by mail. The department director of the Parking Services division reserves the right to dismiss citations in accordance with applicable regulations, policies, and procedures.

Parking Citations

Type Fee
General Fee for all infractions (view exceptions below) $40.00 within 21 days
$80.00 after 21 days
Red Zones & Fire Lanes $50.00 within 21 days
$100.00 after 21 days
California Handicap Zones $280.00

Further Citation Information

  • Parking citations paid by Cash, Check, or Credit Card within 3 business days of issue are eligible for a $10.00 discount off of the amount of the citation.
  • The 21 days allowed as stated above, are based up 21 calendar days inclusive of the citation date as stated in the California Vehicle Code. To think of this cut-off date clearly, only count 20 days from the citation's date and NOT 21 days, and make NO allowance for holidays or weekends.
  • Parking citations are deemed "delinquent" by definition if not paid after 3 calendar days inclusive of the citation date.

Tow Without Prior Notice

A vehicle may be impounded without prior notice for:

  • Five (5) or more outstanding citations
  • Abandoned vehicle
  • Vehicles owned or operated by persons whose parking privileges have been revoked
  • Parking in a designated disabled parking space without a valid disabled parking permit
  • Parking in a marked tow away zone or space
  • Blocking:
    • A driveway, roadway, service road, entrance, exit, fire hydrant, loading zone, no-parking area, landscaped area, prohibited area, fire zone, or in an area that restricts college activities
  • Parking in a campus service area without proper authorization
  • Parking in a reserved space
  • Displaying a forged/counterfeit/stolen parking permit
  • Vehicle leaking fluids (e.g. antifreeze, gasoline, oil...etc.)

For more information on the Tow Policy please see the PUC Towing Policy.

Miscellaneous Fees

Type Fee
Application of charge(s) to student bill $5.00 per item**
Returned Check NSF Fee $15.00
Defaulted Payment Plan Penalty Variable

**Note: Per item fee includes citations, vehicle registrations, or any other applied charge.