Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication assists PUC departments with planning and execution for a wide range of creative projects. The office oversees external communication, including media relations, marketing and advertising efforts, and is responsible for the integrity, implementation, and management of the PUC brand. Marketing & Communication is also home to ViewPoint, the official journal of the college, which is published in the fall and spring.

For assistance with college marketing or communications projects, faculty and staff must fill out a Project Request Form.

Project Request Form


Pacific Union College’s Marketing & Communication office functions as a full-service, internal marketing agency for the entire college. We’re here to make sure information and messages about PUC are consistent, creative, and effective, across all types of mediums. Our department is the first place you should come for your department’s marketing and communications projects. 

The PR team prioritizes publications for external (off campus) marketing and communications purposes. In general, we are more likely to produce your project if the intended audience is off campus (for instance, prospective students) rather than on campus. 

The Marketing & Communication office assists campus departments with publicity projects and ensures the consistency of the college’s brand across all of the college’s communications. 

  • College publications: ViewPoint, the general brochure, department newsletters, etc. 
  • Digital and interactive communications: websites, social media platforms, etc.
  • Media relations: relationships with local and national media
  • Promotional items/merchandising
  • Strategic communications: brand management and execution (including logo usage), marketing campaigns, and communications plans

Given our limited resources, the following departments have priority access to the production pipeline [listed in alphabetical order]: 

  • Alumni and Advancement
  • Enrollment Services 
  • President’s Office
  • Vice presidents 

For all other clients on campus, requested projects will be taken as time and resources allow; not every project can be accepted. 

Media Distribution

PUC-related news, reporting, writing, and distribution are coordinated by the Marketing & Communication office, which manages several news distribution outlets, including: 

  • College social media posts
  • Event submissions to media
  • News articles
  • Press releases
  • PUC Now e-newsletter 
  • Recorder submissions
  • ViewPoint magazine, the college’s magazine 

Contact the Marketing & Communication office if you have suggestions or ideas for a news article or want your event promoted on social media. 

Project Requests

Use the online project request form to submit all project requests, with the exception of business cards, email signatures, and logo usage. These items have their own request forms under Forms & Downloads at the above website. 

Some useful project guidelines: 

  • Services are free, but departments pay for all production costs (ad placement, printing, photography, event materials, etc.) 
  • Projects must be pre-approved and a GL number on file before production begins. 
  • Each project requires a designated point person to coordinate with the Marketing & Communication office. 
  • Final decisions rest with PR staff on word usage and design. 

Note: Please be aware quick-turnaround deadlines can’t be guaranteed, and all projects may not qualify for time or resources. Plan on 6-week lead times for requests. After submitting a request, you will be contacted for a follow-up discussion. If we can’t take on your project, we will offer suggestions on how best to move forward.


  • Gene Edelbach, Vice president of Enrollment, Marketing & Communication
  • Nicholas Hubbard, Director of Marketing & Communication
  • Heidi Lukowicz, Senior Graphic Designer
  • Carrie White, Junior Designer
  • Ally Romanes, Staff Writer
  • Laura Gang, Staff Writer
  • Andrianna Massena, Visit Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
  • Jason Lee, Web Developer
  • Nephtali Marin, Video Production
  • Keren Baez-Castro, Photography