Marketing & Communication

Branding & Identity

Branding and identity is the essence of our entire institution, expressed visually, audibly, and electronically. Everything the college is must be embodied by what people see and hear from us. Malcolm Forbes, late publisher of Forbes magazine, once said that consistent corporate identity is “the best, single investment” any institution can make.

Given that every form of communication from the college reflects on the college, it is important that we communicate our mission and values with a clear and consistent voice. For this reason, the office of Marketing & Communication offers assistance on projects targeted for an external (off-campus) audience. From concept to design to production, our team can assist in marketing your project. (see Services)

We encourage all college employees to browse our identity standards for information on how to best communicate your department’s goals.


Logos are one of the most visual ways we communicate our corporate identity. It is a symbol of the school, and when employed incorrectly, it reflects badly on the school. Therefore, PUC is very protective of where and how it is used.

Permission to use the college logo must be granted by the office of Marketing & Communication. Upon receiving approval, the artwork will be sent to the user with instructions for use. Logos should not be lifted off the website or an electronic document, or scanned from a printed document. Receiving an electronic document with the logo, such as electronic letterhead or e-mail stationery, does not grant approval for use of the logo artwork in other projects or documents.

As the logo can be interpreted as an official endorsement of a project, event, or information, only official college projects—approved and produced by the office of Marketing & Communication—are granted permission to use the logo. There are some exceptions, reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

PUC Logo Request Form

Some exceptions for application of the logo include the following:

  • Faculty and student research posters for use at conventions and conferences
  • Official documents produced for the college by outside corporations, such as architects and insurance companies.
  • Advertisement or company sponsorship artwork

Usage permission is not granted for the following:

  • Student projects, such as assignments or films
  • Publicity for Student Association, department, or club events
  • Club or department t-shirts

Gothic Arch

PUC Logo

The gothic arch logo is the official logo of Pacific Union College. The arch with the tree represents a stained glass window as you might see in a church; it is a reference to our Christian foundation and the forested hills of our campus. This logo is used on all stationery, publications, and other corporate material produced by the office of Marketing & Communication.

PUC Seal

PUC Seal

The PUC seal is primarily used for formal documents, such as diplomas, the general catalog, official transcripts, and commencement programs. Also, it is used as the official seal of the president's office. No department may use the seal without the approval of the Marketing & Communication office, which works closely with the president's office to maintain the seal's integrity.

Alumni Association

PUC Alumni Logo

The alumni association logo does not represent the college at large and should be used only on items that pertain directly to PUC's official Alumni Association.