Angwin Airport

Angwin Airport

The Angwin Airport, Angwin-Parrett Field (2O3) on the San Francisco sectional, is located in the scenic upper Napa Valley of California. The Angwin Airport serves as the home of the PUC aviation program in addition to being a community airport.

The Aviation program offers a four-year bachelor of science degree in aviation and a two year associates degree, preparing Christ-centered pilots for lives of service throughout the aviation industry and in the mission field. The program also offers ground schools and flight instruction to community members.

ANGWIN (203): 1848' 1E. 38°34. 71'N 122°26. 12'W.

(707) 965-6219. Attended Mon-Thurs 8-5pm and Friday 8-4pm. Closed Saturday & Sundays; other on request. Deer. Noise Abate. Keep E. Avoid flight over town. PAPI available 24/7. PCL 123.0 - Rwy, TRCV (5x).

  • Largest aircraft permitted: King Air or Citation
  • TPA: MSL: 2698
  • CTAF: U-123.0
  • FSS: OAKLAND 122.35
STS 113.0 061° 18
SGD 112.1 336° 24

2O3 CTAF | Angwin, California, United States

Airport Diagrams

Angwin Airport Diagram

Angwin Airport Information

Rental Rates

Rates apply only to Student Pilots training at the Flight Center

Aircraft/Service Training/hr
Cherokee 180 N15824 (IFR) $150
Cessna 172 N210AN (IFR) $150
Piper Seminole N2216Y (IFR & Multi Engine) $235
Frasca Simulator $50
Flight Instruction $45
Ground Instruction $45


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Weight and Balance Data

Aircraft Weight Arm Moment Useful Load
N2216Y 2,543.44lbs 87.01 221,298.99"lbs 1256.56lbs
N5368M 1,182.60lbs 30.21" 35,720.96"lbs 487.40lbs
N24932 1,151.70lbs 29.77" 34,288.05"lbs 518.30lbs

Note: these numbers are for reference only and should be checked with current approved flight manual data.

FAA Advisory Circulars

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FAA Training Handbooks

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