Service Learning

Hands-on Learning

Service learning is an educational approach that implements both learning objectives and community service. It gives students the opportunity to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting while serving those in need. This not only enhances the community around us but also provides a hands-on progressive learning environment.
Service Learning is a crucial part of the learning process. It not only helps students to prepare for their careers but also provides a way to serve the community and support those in need. It also prepares them to face real life situations that they will encounter throughout their careers. PUC’s motto is to learn with purpose, rise in faith and serve with love. Students can embody that motto by serving their communities, especially in difficult times. Service Learning helps to fulfill our divine mandate to serve and love those around us.


  • Help in the development of the students’ self-efficacy, analytical skills, and social development
  • Allow students to actively make a difference in the present and not wait for a future time to serve
  • Provide students with opportunities to work with people of different cultures and lifestyles