Media Services

Media Services

Media Services houses and coordinates campus audio and visual services, equipment, and recordings. Media Services provides online files of recordings from the past several years, and can also provide CD or DVD recordings of programs and events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you make audio recordings of?

We record almost all programs that we provide sound reinforcement for. However, we generally do not record small gatherings in Dauphinee Chapel, outdoor "picnic-type" events, or other small-scale. The general rule is that if it's important, we'll record it.

What do you make video tapings of?

Generally speaking, we video tape major events on campus, such as Educator of the Year colloquy, Alumni Weekend, Graduation Weekend, and so forth. Other events are video taped at request. We also try to occasionally video tape "b-roll" of campus life and scenery for use in promotional materials.

How do I get into a certain closet or drawer, etc.?

With approval from us or the appropriate department head, Plant Services can issue you a temporary key for the quarter. If a one-time opening is needed then we can facilitate your request.

Who runs the sound in the PUC Church?

Generally, we run the sound for all school-related programs in the sanctuary and PUC Church volunteers run the sound for non-school-related programs. This means we mostly run sound for and record colloquy, Week of Prayer, PUC music department concerts, Alumni Weekend, and Graduation Weekend. PUC Church volunteers handle the rest of the programs in the sanctuary, including Sabbath church services and Sabbath School programs.

Can students rent equipment?

If the reason to rent equipment is academic, ie. to make a presentation in class, then your teacher needs to call us and give notice that you are needing equipment to perform your class duties. Once the teacher has called us we will deliver or release the equipment.

Can Media Services provide information or consultation on equipment purchases?

A primary function of Media Services is to assist campus departments meet their audiovisual needs. As such, consultation, design, and recommendations on equipment purchases for individual departments can be requested by simply contacting us.