Campus Security

Safety Topics

Campus Security's prime focus is directed towards the safety and security of the campus populace. We want each person to enjoy their time here at PUC, and being safe is paramount to this. We encourage everyone to develop a feeling of community and neighborhood-watch by looking out for each other and letting Campus Security know any time there's something just not right, to better ensure a safe campus.

Crime Statistics

In compliance with regulatory requirements, all colleges and universities must submit annual crime statistics to the Department of Education. These annual statistics must also be publicly available. A summary of these statistics are part of our annually published Security Information booklet. These booklets and the crime statistics can be obtained herein by the link(s) indicated below:

You can visit the Department of Education's web site to view our college's reported crime statistics, or the crime statistics of any other college or university.

Crime statistics are gathered for a calendar year, even though schools are setup for an academic year that transcends two calendar years. As an example, for the academic year of 1900/1901, the fall quarter's crime stats would be part of the reporting calendar year of 1900. And the winter and spring quarters for that academic year will be part of the reporting calendar year of 1901. 

Also, crime statistics for a calendar year are reported to the Department of Education during the months of September and October of the subsequent year, which means that it can appear that the most current available crime statistics are rather outdated. Using our example above, the academic year of 1900/1901, the crime stats for the winter and spring quarters (1901) would not be available and published until after the calendar year of 1901 ends, and then not until the following academic year begins, September/October of 1902.