Facilities Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the run-down on some simple ways to get campus tasks done.

How can I get something fixed?

From the PUC website, select Faculty & Staff, then School Dude Maintenance Request System. If you are not already a user, enter your email address and the submittal password “puc” when prompted. Complete the form and submit. In case of an emergency, call 7150 during office hours or Public Safety at 6551 after hours.

How do I get a key for a campus building?

  1. Pick up a yellow keycard from the Payroll office in the Financial Services building.
  2. Fill out the keycard, including the key number with the authorized signature.
  3. Return the keycard to Payroll for daily pickup by Facilities Management personnel.
  4. Pick up your key at Payroll the following day.

How can I get an engraved sign for my desk or door?

Complete the School Dude Maintenance Request (see above instructions). Include the following:

  1. Your name or other text
  2. Sign size (i.e. 2x12)
  3. Color of other signs in your building

No phone orders will be accepted for engraved signs! We will deliver and install your sign when it is finished.

How do I put up signage for an event?

Please don't make or install your own signage - let us help, at no charge! Complete the School Dude Maintenance Request (see above instructions) (a week or more before the event) with the event name, date, and place. Facilities Management Personnel will make, install, and take down the signs.

How do we get rid of trash?

Residential trash pickup is on Wednesdays for both trash and for recyclables. Call 7177 for other information.