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Loan Repayment

If needed you may obtain a printout of all of your loans: federal, PUC and alternative. Contact Student Finance (707) 965-7200 to obtain this printout.

What happens to my loans?

Find out what happens to your student loans and tuition account after you leave PUC and find answers to common questions about payments.

What happens to my Federal or PUC loans and tuition account balance when I leave?

When you leave PUC your loans and any unpaid Tuition balance is transferred from the Student Finance Department to PUC's Student Loans & Accounts for billing and tracking of repayment. To help us with our billing we have contracted with a company called ECSI. ECSI will mail statements each month with the amount currently due. Be sure to include your payment stub when mailing your payment to ECSI.

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to update either the Student Loans Billing Team or ESCI about any address or telephone changes.

What is ECSI?

Educational Computer Systems, Inc. ECSI is NOT a collection agency. ECSI is a company that PUC contracts with to help us with our billing. You can view your account activity by going online to: and follow the instructions. (School code is - C1.) If you need help with ECSI online please call them toll free at 1-888-549-3274.

What happens with my Federal Stafford Loan?

The Stafford loans are federally insured low-interest loans with a six month grace period after you either drop below half-time status or leave school. Because these loans are obtained from an outside source they are not tracked or billed by PUC/ECSI. You will need to contact your Stafford Loan lender for details and payment arrangements or to make arrangements for student deferment status should you begin attending a school again. If you are unaware of whom your lender is, you can call the California Student Aid Commission at 1-800-298-9490. They can give you details and contact information.

What happens with my Federal Perkins Loan?

The Perkins Loan is a Federally Insured revolving fund loan having a low interest rate of 5%, and a very liberal nine month grace period after you leave. However, a Perkins Loan may be cancelled, meaning forgiven, over a five-year period of time if you meet these qualifications:

  • nursing graduate working full-time as a nurse teacher
  • working full-time for a low-income school listed in the Federal Register
  • working full-time in Law Enforcement

See Postponement/Cancellation forms (pdf)

What happens with my PUC Collegiate Loan?

In addition to the Federal loan money, PUC established the Collegiate Loan Fund. It has the great low interest rate and liberal grace period of nine months of the Federal Perkins Loan.

What happens with my alternative loan?

Once you graduate or are no longer enrolled at least half time your alternative loan is between you and the lender. Any information you need regarding your alternative loan please contact your lender directly, not PUC. You must keep your lender informed with current contact information.

What if I have a tuition balance when I leave?

PUC expects that at the end of each year, students do not owe any money on their tuition account, resulting in a zero balance in the tuition account upon graduation. There are some circumstances that may lead to a tuition balance: excess meal charges, loss of an ID card, library materials or room key, or earning parking tickets. These charges may be posted to an account after the student has left, so students should be sure to check back. More serious amounts may be charged to your account if you leave a year or quarter early. Any financial aid received for that time period must by law be returned to the lender. PUC still expects you to pay this amount immediately upon leaving. The high interest rate on this account provides an incentive to pay it immediately even if you need to transfer the tuition balance to a lower interest rate vehicle.

What if I need to transfer my tuition balance to a lower interest rate vehicle?

One way to transfer your tuition account balance is to apply for an Alternative Loan within a year of leaving PUC. Good loan sources to pay your tuition balance:

  • Sallie Mae: or 844-8-ASSIST (844-827-7478)
  • Wells Fargo: or 1-800-658-3567
  • Credit Cards: You can transfer your tuition balance to a credit card.

How do I make payments?

The best way to make payments on your Perkins, Collegiate loans and or tuition account balance is to set up an ACH (automatic clearing house) or automatic debit to your checking or savings account with ECSI. You can do that easily by calling ECSI at 1.888.549.3274. When you do this we will reduce your interest an entire percent on tuition accounts and Collegiate Loans only. ECSI will also accept credit cards and e-checks by phone. When making payments to ECSI, include your stub and send to:

181 Montour Run Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108

What if I fall behind in payments or have hardships?

It is the philosophy of the Student Loans & Accounts team to do whatever we can to keep our students OUT of collections, but we need you to work with us. If you experience financial difficulty, call us. If there is the slightest possibility of working something out, we will.

If you are having financial difficulties, complete the Economic Harship form and fax or mail it to us. Call us to let us know of your situation and we can put a hold on your account while we are waiting for your form.

Economic Hardship form (pdf)

Remember: ECSI is not a collection agency but in the rare instance that a former student chooses not to pay, ECSI automatically computer-places that student in collections at 180 days of delinquency. At that point the issue is completely out of our hands and we can no longer help you. Being in collections status is a serious matter and may prevent you from buying a car, renting or buying a home, and can even prevent you from obtaining your dream job. Avoid collections, stay informed, and stay in touch with our office.

Student Loans & Accounts
Phone: 707-965-6539
Fax: 707-965-6762

What If I leave PUC and attend another school?

If you attend another school at least half-time, you can qualify to have student deferments placed on your Perkins and Collegiate loans. To qualify you must ensure that the registrar of the school you are attending or will attend mails a verification of enrollment directly to the Student Loans and Accounts office, and upon receipt we will place your loans in student deferment status. This status is good for one year at a time and must be renewed each year. Student deferment means that no payments will be due during your time of deferment. This only applies to Perkins and Collegiate Loans. Tuition accounts are non-deferrable and should be paid upon leaving PUC.