Survivor Empowerment, Response to Violence, and Education


PUC’s Prevention & Response to DVSAS

Title IX Policy - PUC has a Title IX Policy called the Sex Non-Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Policy. This document details the college’s response to and prohibition of Title IX discrimination and related crimes (which include dating & domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking). For more information on Title IX or the policy, please visit  

Department of Justice Grant – PUC was awarded a grant through the Department of Justice that went into effect starting the 2022 school year. The grant’s purpose is to provide opportunities for institutions of higher education to establish multidisciplinary approaches to combat dating & domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking on campuses. For PUC, this resulted in creating the SERVE Team (Survivor Empowerment, Response to Violence, and Education). The comprehensive efforts of SERVE are designed to enhance victim services, implement prevention and education programs, and develop and strengthen security and investigation strategies. Per grant requirements, PUC must:

  1. Create a coordinated community response team to oversee all planning and implementation activities (this is effectively the SERVE Team);
  2. Provide prevention programming, including bystander intervention to all students on DVSAS
  3. Provide ongoing training to all campus security on how to effectively respond to DVSAS crimes
  4. Provide access to 24-hour confidential victim services and advocacy (PUC offers on and off campus confidential resources)
  5. Conduct ongoing training to all personnel in the campus disciplinary process.

Check out our SERVE Instagram page @pucserve to see what awareness and prevention activities have been offered on campus!

For more information about the DOJ Grant or the SERVE Team, please contact
Jean Clery Act – The Clery Act is a federal law passed in 1990 that requires colleges and universities to:

  1. Record campus crimes and fires in daily logs
  2. Publicize crime and fire logs in an Annual Security Report (ASR) by October 1 every year
  3. Issue timely warnings when there are known risks to public safety on campus
  4. Disclose campus safety and crime prevention policies and procedures
  5. Conduct prompt, fair, and impartial disciplinary proceedings
  6. Give written explanations to victims of their rights and options.

For more information regarding the Clery Act or PUC’s responsibility regarding Clery Act compliance, please visit or see Clery Fast Facts_2023.pdf (