Health Services

Registration Requirements for New and Transfer Students

Please be advised that you are required to show proof of the following. They must be submitted and on file in the Health Services office to be an enrolled student:

  • Physical examination within the last 12 months. Please download the “Health Information” form found under Forms. This should be completed by your physician then faxed or emailed to us prior to your arrival to campus.
  • Tuberculosis skin test within the last year (unless you have recently been out of the US-if so please contact us). This test can be requested through your doctor at the time of your physical examination listed above.
  • Record of childhood immunizations. These should be attached to your Health Information form for submission.
  • All students (whether or not you carry an existing insurance policy) are required to complete the on-line Aetna waiver or enroll process. Please complete this process starting 30 days prior to the first Monday of instruction and ending the second week Friday of instruction. Failure to complete this process by the deadline will automatically purchase this non-cancellation policy for you which terminates August 31st of each year.