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PUC Board of Trustees Approves Plan for a Stronger Future

By Staff Writer on March 6, 2023

The Pacific Union College Board of Trustees met for its annual winter meeting on Feb. 26. After an extensive review, the Board voted to pass recommendations that will produce a balanced budget and create a strong future for the college.“We are grateful to the Board for its support and teamwork as we worked to create a strong foundation for Pacific Union College,” President Ralph Trecartin said. “Although there will be changes, our plans set PUC up for growth and future success. We look forward to where God is leading us.”Like many colleges and universities nationwide, PUC has been navigating issues regarding enrollment, mounting student debt, and the changing landscape of higher education.For several months, the PUC administration and Board members have worked together diligently alongside their respective subcommittees to present a balanced budget plan. This year was particularly complex because the college is losing two, one-time, major revenue sources which helped to balance the budget in the current fiscal year.In the next fiscal year, PUC will no longer receive checks related to its property easement and government-issued COVID relief funding. Though the college has stabilized enrollment and, in fact, increased its economic full-time equivalent (EFTE) over fall and winter, more...
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Tyre Nichols Statement

By Staff Writer on February 3, 2023

By now, many of you have seen the tragic beating of Tyre Nichols, and please know that PUC strongly condemns the actions of any officer that brutalizes citizens. We join others in expressing our disgust for this repulsive act, and our hearts and prayers are with our PUC students who have been triggered by the violence inflicted on Tyre Nichols. Research informs us how unjust killings by police harm the mental health of people of color, and we make certain the practices of our campus safety ensures the safety and well-being of our students. If you are struggling with the aftermath of this recent event, our counselors at the Counseling and Testing Center are available to see you.Our community is joined together, and our hope for a brighter future and a better tomorrow is in Jesus. We will overcome by the blood of the lamb. Revelation 12:11...
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Pacific Union College Approved to Add Nine Student Spots Quarterly to Nursing Program

By Staff Writer on June 22, 2022

Additional spots will increase admittance availability for students, financially benefit university, and medically benefit the local community and beyondPacific Union College is expanding its Associate Degree in Nursing (ASN) on-campus program availability with nine additional student spots each quarter eventually totaling up to 108 new nurses added to the workforce every year. The ability to increase admittance availability to the program will allow more students the opportunity to pursue nursing, while combating the nursing shortage in the community and statewide.On average, 200 qualified students apply to the ASN program, however, with the previous spot availability, the department could only admit 81 students each year. The addition of nine spots per quarter expands that 81-spot availability to 108 total annually. PUC’s chair of the Nursing and Health Science Department Kimberly Dunker, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE, CNEcl, says every additional spot was hard fought.“Nursing programs are highly regulated by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN),” Dunker says. “In order to increase the number of spots, the department had to demonstrate their adequate resources, including faculty, clinical placements, and labs to ensure the university could provide education for the additional students. This application took us six months to receive board approval.”Additionally, the...
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Auto Shop Fire Contained, No Injuries

By Staff Writer on June 8, 2022

A fire broke out at approximately 4:35 p.m., Wednesday, June 8, at Angwin Valley View Auto on Howell Mountain Road in Angwin. Pacific Union College CFO Brandon Parker says the probable cause of the fire was an exploding gas tank. The Angwin Fire Department was able to quickly suppress the flames after both natural gas and Chevron gas were shut off. According to on-site witnesses and Parker, there were no injuries, and no students were in the facility.The building, leased from PUC, was located next to the campus Chevron station. Campus facility manager Dale Withers and Chevron employees immediately took appropriate actions. The Chevron station sustained minor damages that should not result in a long-term closure. Howell Mountain Enterprises is working to restore Chevron services as soon as possible....
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Buffalo Shooting Statement

By Staff Writer on May 24, 2022

The PUC family stands in unity with the town of Buffalo and the victims of the heinous act of terror. Our hearts and prayers are with the 10 people who lost their lives and those traumatized by the horrific act. These acts of hatred and violence is antithesis to the love of Christ. We are called to attest to each other’s humanity and live the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. If there is anyone in our PUC community who is feeling overwhelmed by the recent grievous acts of violence, therapists at the Wellness Center are available to support you. ...
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Campus Update

By Staff Writer on April 5, 2022

Pacific Union College administrators and its Board of Trustees presented and agreed upon a plan to balance the 2022-2023 budget at the February 28, 2022, board meeting. Although multifaceted in the involvement of several reductions and new revenues, a notable portion of this plan was the reduction of employees. PUC administration met a self-imposed deadline of mid-March to contact each affected employee with only one exception. The final individual was contacted approximately a week later. With this final announcement, all individuals affected by this particular vote have been contacted. All downsizing has resulted in the elimination of only one degree area — photography. There are no plans to eliminate other degrees or concentrations. All current programs can be covered by current personnel or several additional contracts. The cycles of course offerings may change, but currently, with only the one exception, all courses and emphasis areas remain intact.These adjustments will not only bring us to our operational goals but will allow us to look forward to a future of growth. We will remain ever grateful for the contributions each employee has made to the institution of PUC and its many students. Again, it is with great sadness that PUC is saying...
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Repositioning for a Strong Future

By Staff Writer on March 16, 2022

The Pacific Union College Board of Trustees met on February 28th. Board members spent time visiting the campus including visiting classes. Many board members mentioned how the reality of experiencing the campus in action reinforced the need to support bringing PUC to a position of strength as soon as possible. During the executive session, Dr. Trecartin shared a plan cabinet members painstakingly prepared on how to reach this goal. Difficult and thoughtful financial discussions followed.Dr. Trecartin showed strong leadership as he shared a focused plan leading to financial stability and creating a relevant campus for the modern student, said Dr. Sandy Roberts, the new board chair of Pacific Union College. “It is clear that difficult decisions and choices need to be made for the future growth of the campus.”The board of trustees, with the support of the PUC administrative team, believes that to support the immediate forward progress of PUC we need to reach a balanced budget sooner than originally planned so that we can ensure a secure future. For the first time since 2011/2012, PUC is within reach of constructing a budget with a positive overall bottom line, which is crucial to a strong and secure future for the...
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Calvin B. Rock Library Donation

By Staff Writer on March 1, 2022

A gift of 277 books from the personal collection of Calvin B. Rock, former president of Oakwood University, has been added to Pacific Union College’s Library. “Dr. Rock was an avid student of history and politics, with a particular interest in the impact of protest and reform,” says Eric Anderson, Director of the Walter C. Center for Adventist History. “His gift strengthens what was already a good collection on civil rights and African American History.” Rock, who continues to be active in retirement, served the church in variety of roles, ranging from a pastor and evangelist to vice president of the General Conference. An experienced educator, he was president of Oakwood for 14 years and chairman of the board of trustees at Loma Linda University. “These books will make a difference in students’ lives,” says Anderson. “They won’t just sit on the shelves.” Pacific Union College has a strong emphasis on undergraduate research, he adds. Rock has been a speaker in PUC’s lecture series on civil rights—an event created in honor of former president Percy Christian and former academic dean John Christian, educators with a life-long commitment to equal opportunity. “We are always grateful for meaningful donations to the PUC...
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PUC Update: St. Helena Star Response

By Staff Writer on January 19, 2022

On January 12, 2022, the St. Helena Star released an article that addressed the possibility of utilizing water from a water source owned and operated by Pacific Union College (PUC) to assist with the City of St. Helena’s water shortage.While an inquiry has been received regarding the potential use of PUC water for the City of St. Helena, no decisions or plans have been made by PUC regarding this idea. Any decision by PUC regarding exporting water would only be made after careful consideration is given to all relevant issues, including what impact this action could have on its Angwin neighbors.To submit your feedback with PUC, please email PUC will consider every submission, but will not be able to respond to every message....
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PUC biology students partner with Elmshaven to create educational arboretum experience on historical property of Ellen G. White

By Staff Writer on January 18, 2022

Students in the Department of Biology at Pacific Union College recently partnered with Elmshaven to create an educational arboretum experience through identifying, measuring, and mapping the large collection of trees on the five-acre property.Elmshaven, the historical home of Ellen G. White, is located near the Napa Valley city of St. Helena and hosts many tours and visitors annually. White named the property for the number of Elm trees that once graced its landscape. Currently, an estimated 200 trees of around 50 varieties reside in Elmshaven. According to Elmshaven manager, Abner Castanon, at least two trees still on the grounds were alive when White lived there. Although he is familiar with the trees on the property, he hasn’t been able to give the exact number, variety, or name to the many interested visitors.“This is a wonderful project,” Castanon says. “Having this information, I can be of better service to visitors that come and ask these questions; knowing the trees will make me a better caretaker and tour guide.” In early December 2021, initial field work had been completed, including mapping out the property via a GPS program and naming the trees and their locations. One of the project goals is to...
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