College Early

College Early

PUC’s College Early program is an exciting opportunity for high school students to take a college course on our campus or online.

Through College Early, you may register for up to 6 credit hours of lower division (100-200 level) courses at a reduced tuition rate each quarter you are eligible for enrollment.

Student Admission Qualifications

  • Current enrollment in grade 11 or 12
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 after most recent semester completed
  • Endorsement by the high school registrar as a qualified applicant
  • Consent of a parent or legal guardian

The cost is $90 per academic unit.

Application Procedure

Please submit your applications for Fall quarter before: September 25, 2023

Online Course Offerings 2023-24

Course Quarter Offered Credits Type
EDUC-101 Introduction to Teaching
EDUC-101L Classroom Observations
Fall 3 Async
EDUC-101-01 WEB Intro to Teaching Winter 3 Async
ESAC-101A Jogging Fall, Winter, Spring 1 Async
RELP-110 Next Generation Christian Leadership Spring 2 Async
CNTC-201 Principles of Conservation Technology Winter 3 Async
MUHL-105 Survey of Music Fall, Winter, Spring 3 Async
HIST-134 US History Fall 4 Async
STAT-222 Introduction to Statistics Fall, Winter, Spring 4 Async
COMM-105 Communication and Public Speaking Fall, Winter, Spring 4 Async
Intro to Allied Health Winter 2 Sync
Intro to Nursing Winter 2 Sync
GLBH-189 Introduction to Global Health Spring 2 Async

Additional Information

  • All received grades for College Early courses become a permanent part of the student’s PUC transcript. Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded through Flashlight. Official transcripts can be requested from the Records office.
  • The College Early reduced tuition rate does not apply to Adventist Colleges Abroad, flight training courses, private music lessons, audited courses, or directed study courses.
  • In addition to applicable College Early tuition charges, there are established fees associated with certain courses (e.g. materials fees for Visual Arts courses). See page 215 in the General Catalog for an overview of the current fee structure.
  • Because tuition for College Early is already at a reduced rate, PUC employee discounts for children of faculty and staff members do not apply.

For more information about College Early, please email or call the Admissions office at 707-965- 6677.