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34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10) requires all training materials to be posted publicly. This page will be updated as appropriate.

Pacific Union College in addition to training conducted by members of the College, the College engages various outside agencies to provide training for the Title IX Team (Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Investigators, Decision-makers, Appeals Decision-makers, and Advisors). 

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Members of the Pacific Union College Title IX Team have participated in the following ATIXA Certification Trainings:

  • Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Certification 1, June 2018
  • Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Certification 2, October 2018
  • Title IX Coordinator Certification 3B, July 2020
  • OCR Title IX Regulations Certification 4, October 2019
  • Civil Rights Investigator Certification 1, July 2020
  • Civil Rights Investigator Certification 1, July 2021
  • What California Schools Need to Know About SB 493, November 2022
  • The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Webinar
  • From One Title IX Coordinator to Another: A Practical Approach to Navigating Beyond Compliance in the Post-Regulatory World - June 2023.
  • Solutions for Managing Intake, Jurisdiction, and Dismissal in the Title IX Grievance Process Workshop – August 2023

Supplemental ATIXA Training:

  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained:  Advising the Complainant
  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained:  Advising the Respondent
  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained:  Assessing Credibility
  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained:  Deliberations & Groupthink
  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained:  Due Process
  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained:  Hearing Panels and Decision-Makers
  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained:  Pattern and Predation