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Audio Recordings

All of the programs are of lower quality than you would receive if you purchase a physical copy of the program, either on CD, DVD (if applicable) or Tape. These online MP3 recordings are available for free only for personal use, but we maintain the copyright.

Note: The order of these lists are now reverse chronological order. (Most recent at the top).



Graduation Weekend

Heubach Lectureship Series

  • Feb 28, 2019 - Dr. Jon Paulien 189.7 MB
  • Mar 07, 2009 - Heubach Lecture - Barry C. Black, United States Senate Chaplain 33.4 MB

Other Events


Walter Utt Lectureship Series

Week of Prayer

Wellness Seminar Series

  • Oct 06, 2009 - Wellness Seminar One - Claire Hope Cummings 33.8 MB