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Forms & Policies


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Tuition allowance application for salaried employee dependent children.
Application for hourly/salaried half/full time employees fee-free enrollment hours.
Leave request form to use accrued paid/sick leave hours for hourly and salaried employees.


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Sign up for Direct Deposit allowing Pacific Union College to directly deposit your paycheck into your bank account.
Employment Eligibility Verification Form
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Employment Eligibility Verification Form
Use this application to become part of the PUC team.
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Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.


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Questions about your driving record and accidents.
Handbook for all Pacific Union College employees.
Faculty/Staff Purchase Reimbursement Benefit for purchases on charge card.
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A/P Requisition

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A/P Requisition is used for various processing requests through Accounts Payable.
Form used to requested advanced funds for travel.
Use this form to get travels pre-authorized.
Use this form to log expenses during travel.


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This form is to be used in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act.
Use this form to report incidents on campus.
Use for new enrollment, annual enrollment and change in status.


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Description of allowed breaks/meals.
Treatment of Confidential Information.
Hiring Policies for new contract teachers.
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FMLA Policy

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Guidelines of relationships between Students and Faculty.
PUC's harassment policy.
Policy for Salaried exempt employees concerning Vacation time.
Declaration of Ethics
Responsibilities, values, and ethical responsibilities of Employer and Employees.