Career Center

Career Exploration

Choosing a career is like piecing together a puzzle. Input from family and friends, interest and personality inventories, paid and volunteer life experiences and prayer are integral components in finding a career about which you feel passionate. PUC has various resources available to assist you in your search for a career- including this career planning guide to give you ideas and keep you on track each year.

4-year Career Planning Guide
Our Career Counselor is available to help you clarify your interests, strengths, and values- as well as provide valuable information about various majors and career options. If you have questions about your options or don't know what to major in, make an appointment to talk with our counselor and begin your career exploration process.

Career Inventories

A variety of assessments are available to help clarify your interests online and in the Career & Counseling Center.

Strong Interest Inventory - Cost: $20
This comprehensive test is designed to identify occupational themes and careers you might enjoy. Plan 30-40 minutes for the test online and one hour for interpretation with a counselor. Contact the Career & Counseling Center to get started.

California Career Zone
Several self-assessments as well as career information and videos.

Personality Testing

16PF – Cost: $20
The 16 Personality Factors is an extensive personality test that identifies your preferences in 16 areas, such as warmth and stability. Examining your personality is beneficial for self-exploration and career exploration. Pick up materials at the Career and Counseling Center. Plan one hour for the test and 30-50 minutes for interpretation with a counselor.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Cost: $20
This widely used test identifies your personality type. Use the type information to identify your strengths and weaknesses, or take the career version to explore best-fit career fields. Can be combined with the Strong Interest Inventory. Contact the Career & Counseling Center to get started.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
This is a free 70-question test to identify your personality type. Although they ask you to pay for a more complete report, the mini-report you get for free is still interesting.

Career Information
This site gives salary information based on location.

Career One Stop (
You can browse different careers, watch videos, and compare jobs by state. There is also information on resumes, interviews, networking, and more.

Occupation Information Network (
One of the largest career information resources, this site also allows you to search jobs titles by skills, personality, and industry.

Road Trip Nation (
Ever wonder how people get the job they have? They will personally tell you about their career path on this site. Watch fun, informational interviews made by students like you.

Salary Calculator by State (
We help you to understand the average salary in the US for different industries with our handy salary calculator.


Internships are a great way to explore working in a certain field. Many internship opportunities are available directly through the major academic departments and through checking with the Career & Counseling Center.

Monster College
A wide variety of postings made available only to participating colleges. Choose "Search Jobs & Internships"; then find PUC under "college and university career centers." Type "PUC" in the password box if necessary, then hit the search box next to " entry-level search" at the bottom of the page.