Academic Records


First-Quarter Freshmen

The admissions office has set up a special system to help you with your registration. Please contact them at 1-800-862-7080

Current and Transfer Students

Current and transfer students can follow the Ultimate Registration List as a guide for the registration process. Computer problems can be dealt with by ITSS, and a list of classes offered can be viewed on the Class Schedule.

The Ultimate Registration List for Current & Transfer Students

Use this list each quarter as you register - it will make the process straightforward and easy! 

  • Flashlight: Log into your account. Account problems can be managed at
  • Personal Information: Click on the User Account link and confirm that your address and academic program are correct. If you need to update any of this information, e-mail or use the appropriate form on the Records Office website.
  • Resrictions: Any restrictions will show in the notifications box on your home page of Flashlight. If you do have any restrictions, click on each restriction code for information and instructions. 
  • Program Evaluation: Click on the Student Planning link. Your program evaluation is your guide to the classes that you need in order to earn your degree, so be sure to use this valuable resource as you pick out your classes each quarter! (Be sure to have any other institutions you've attended mail official copies of your transcripts to PUC so that the transfer credit can be put on your record and program evaluation.)
  • Academic Advisor: Click on the User Account link to find out the name and contact information for your advisor. Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your program - don't forget to take your program evaluation! You are required to meet with your advisor at least once each year.
  • Complete Math & English: Remember that the General Education Requirements in the areas of College Writing (ENGL 101-102) and Algebra (MATH 096) must be completed by the end of the sophomore year (General Catalog p. 38-39). Be sure to complete these requirements so that you will be able to register for your junior year! 
  • Register: Use the menu options to Search and Register for Classes. The best way to search is to select the term and the subject but leave everything else blank. This will guide you through the proccreess as you select and add classes. 
  • Troubleshoot Problems: Here are some common problems and their solutions:

    • You want to take a class that is full: You can only add with the instructor's permission. If permission is granted, submit an add slip with the instructor's signature to the Records Office. If the course has a waitlist, you can add yourself to it.  An email is generated and sent to your PUC email address when a spot opens in the class and you are next on the waitlist.
    • You don't meet the pre-requisite for a class: You can only add with the instructor's permission. If permission is granted, submit an add slip with the instructor's signature to the Records Office.
    • You want to take an overload (more than 17.5 credits): You will need to submit a request for overload form that is signed by your advisor. Please pick up the request form at the Records Office.
    • You want to take a directed or independent study: You will need to fill out the appropriate form with the help of the instructor. Please pick up the form at the Records Office front desk.
    • You need to take two classes that overlap in time: You can take both classes if you talk to both instructors and work out a plan. Once you have worked out a plan, register at the Records Office.
    • You are a freshman who wants to take an upper division class: You can only add with the permission of both the instructor and your advisor. Please pick up a request form at the Records Office front desk.
  • Check Your Schedule: Click on the Course Plan link to obtain a copy of your schedule and verify that it is correct. 
  • Remember Important Dates: Be sure to note the Important Academic Dates such as the last day to add, delete, and withdraw for each quarter so that you can make any adjustments as necessary. 
  • Maintain a Full Load: Always remember that a full load is 12-17 credits. If you receive grants, loans, scholarships, or veterans benefits, do not drop below 12 credits without checking with your financial advisor at (707) 965-7200. If you are an international student, do not drop below 12 credits without checking with the international student advisor at (707) 965-7362.

Non-Current Students

If you have not been accepted or if you have been gone from PUC for over one year, you do not have current student status. Please contact the enrollment office (1-800-862-7080) in order to update your student status.

Faculty and Staff

Fill out the Application for Employee Free Tuition Hours form and submit it to the Human Resources Office. 

College Early Students

Contact the associate academic dean at (707) 965-6612 for information and registration forms.