Graduation Requirements

If you are planning to complete your Associate, Bachelor, or Master degree at any time during this school year, you must submit an Application to Graduate. Application forms are available in the Records Office, at the north end of Graf Hall, facing Irwin Hall. To apply for graduation, you must: 

  • Register for ALL courses needed to complete your degree, including any classes needed for Winter and Spring quarters.
  • Meet with your advisor and review your program evaluation to be sure you didn’t miss anything.
  • Print a copy of your program evaluation from WebAdvisor, have your advisor sign it someplace on the front page, and bring that signed copy with you to the Records Office.
    • If you are completing multiple degrees or multiple majors, you must bring a signed program evaluation for every program you intend to complete this school year.
  • Complete the one-page Application to Graduate.
  • Meet with Candi Carstens in the Records Office. Bring your completed application and signed program evaluation(s), and once everything is verified to be in order, you will be given a graduation contract to sign that will officially place you on the graduation list. 
    • Students attending off-campus programs and not able to make it to campus reasonably may not need to meet in person. Contact Candi Carstens for more information.

Please note that any coursework being transferred from another institution must be received NO LATER THAN the first day of Spring Quarter, March 30, 2020. This means that the transfer coursework must be completed prior to Spring Quarter. If you are transferring courses in and PUC does not have official record of them yet, you must also bring printed proof of completion (including final grade) or proof of enrollment for these courses.

Master degree candidates should meet with their advisor, ensure all courses are registered, and ask their advisor to e-mail the Graduation Analyst confirmation that their degree will be completed during the 2020 academic year. Master degree students are only required to bring their completed Application to Graduate to meet with the Graduation Analyst.

If you have any questions, please contact Candi Carstens in the Records Office at (707) 965-6676, or by e-mail at

Graduation List

List of current students set to graduate in June.

Important Dates
Sunday, January 5, 2020 Early application deadline to qualify for waiver of application fee