Academic Records

Graduation Requirements

Those planning to complete their Associate, Bachelor, or Master degree at any time during this school year, must submit an Application to Graduate, sign a Graduation Contract, and submit a voice recording of their name. Please read the following information carefully:

  • Applications: accepted online via email. Candidates for graduation may request an application form by email to If possible, they should print and complete the application by hand, or use software that allows them to type over a PDF. If printed, the application should be re-scanned or photographed as a PDF Scans and photographs must be fully clear and legible. Applications should be returned as a PDF attachment by email to
  • Printed, signed program evaluations will no longer be required. Candidates for graduation must still be fully registered for all courses needed to complete their degree, with the exception of GNST 201 or 401, and must still contact their advisor. However, the Graduation Analyst will accept an email from their advisor, directly to, confirming that they are aware of the intent to graduate with the specific degree being completed, and that they have reviewed and approve of the plan. The Records Office will print a copy of the program evaluation for the candidate’s file, and include a copy of the advisor’s email in lieu of their signature. The Records Office will need an email from each advisor for each degree a graduation candidate plans to graduate with.
  • Candidates for graduation will need to provide an audio recording of their name pronunciation as they wrote it on the Diploma Name line of the application. These recordings should be clearly understandable for use as a guide for pronouncing their name correctly. They should be emailed to as an attachment in either .MP3 or .MP4 format.
  • The Records Office will accept graduation contract agreements by email. Once the application is accepted and approved, the graduation candidate will be provided with an email for the graduation contract.

Please note that any coursework being transferred from another institution must be received NO LATER THAN April 10, 2024. This means that the transfer coursework must be completed prior to Spring Quarter. If graduation candidates are transferring courses in and PUC does not have official record of them yet, the printed proof of completion (including final grade) or proof of enrollment for these courses.

Master degree candidates should meet with their advisor, ensure all courses are registered, and ask their advisor to e-mail the Graduation Analyst confirmation that their degree will be completed during the 2024 academic year. Master degree candidates are only required to bring their completed Application to Graduate to meet with the Graduation Analyst.

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduation Analyst in the Records Office at (707) 965-6676, or by e-mail at

Graduation List

List of current students set to graduate in June.

Important Dates
April 1, 2024 Final deadline to apply to graduate. Applications are not accepted after this date except through petition process. If approved, late applications subject to $75 fee plus $75 penalty.
April 29, 2024 Last day to order regalia. Must have regalia to participate in commencement.
June 16, 2024 General Commencement – arrive no later than 8:00 a.m.