Math & Science Workshop

Math Science Workshop

Math & Science Workshop is scheduled for February 28, 2021

1:00 - 5:00 PM

Welcome to the annual Math & Science Workshop! We are excited you are here and look forward to working with and giving you a glimpse of what we do here at PUC. We hope the experiences you have here enrich your understanding of math and science. The PUC math and science faculty work hard to make this program intellectually stimulating, interesting, and fun. We also want to show the importance and value of studying math and science on a campus where the faculty looks to God as the Creator and the source of all true knowledge. "The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it." Psalms 89:11 NIV 

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Schedule of Events

1-2 pm

The Mathematics and Physics Departments will focus its workshop session on our newest endeavor, Data Science. We will introduce the mathematics required for image classification. Then we will lead the participants to construct a basic computer program to discern whether an image belongs to one of two groups, say apples or oranges. The workshop session will conclude with a discussion on the program's applications in the emerging field of Data Science.

2-3 pm

Visualizing chemistry using molecular models is an important tool to chemists. Holding a model in your hand can be very useful in understanding molecules' shapes and how different molecules can interact or even react but the benefit of holding a physical model of a molecule is partly cancelled by the static nature of the model. No matter what atoms you attach, the bond lengths and angles are fixed for normal model kits. Real molecules are not like that. The Chemistry Department will guide your exploration of some computational chemistry techniques to build computer models in order to examine how molecular geometries and other properties change as we modify the molecules.  

3-4 pm

The Biology Department will demonstrate three procedures to confirm that bacteria produce yogurt from milk.  This will involve sampling bacteria from store-bought yogurt and using a staining technique and microscopy to view them.  We will perform a basic experiment to confirm the role of live bacteria in converting milk to yogurt.  Finally, we will show students how to make yogurt!  We invite students to follow along and complete some of these procedures along with us.  Just let us know and we can send a set of basic materials.   

4-5 pm

Several math-science faculty and current PUC STEM college students will participate in a panel discussion.  This is an opportunity for your students to ask questions, to get advice, and to learn more about a STEM major or career they are interested in.

Remember the workshop is designed for highly motivated academy seniors with a genuine interest in math and/or science. We especially welcome students who plan to pursue degrees in these areas or math/science related careers.  It is expected students who attend have taken mathematics beyond Algebra I and at least one science class beyond Biology.  We target this workshop to a smaller and STEM-focused group of students.