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Vehicle Rentals

Facilities Management has various vehicles available for PUC faculty and staff to rent. Please call the FMD front office to make a reservation.


We require that anyone who drives a college vehicle be cleared by the HR department first. In order to be cleared, please take the following documents to Abram Fisher in the Human Resources Department (located in the Finance Office):

You may find these links helpful:

Vehicle Rental Rates

Vehicle Type Avail. Seating (incl. driver) Average Fuel Efficiency Description Rate


5 20 mpg Full sized, 4-door $20.00/ day, up to 100 miles
$35.00/ day, unlimited miles
Pick-up Trucks 3 16 mpg 2-door, open bed truck or camper shell (#73) $35.00/ day, up to 100 miles
$50.00/ day, unlimited miles
Box Van 2 10 mpg Van with 14' Box $40.00/ day, up to 50 miles
$75.00/ day, unlimited miles
Small Vans 8 16 mpg Chevy Astro passenger van $40.00/ day, up to 100 miles
$55.00/ day, unlimited miles
Large Vans 10 14 mpg Ford Econoline passenger van $60.00/ day, up to 100 miles
$75.00/day, unlimited miles
Buses 30-48 8 mpg Large, tour-bus sized
(Driver must be arranged for with the FMD office.)

Fuel Charges: The vehicles are full of fuel when received by the customer and if they are not returned full of fuel, the amount it costs to fuel the vehicle will be charged to the rental customer.

Extra Charges:

  • If the vehicle is excessively dirty when returned, there will be a charge of $38.00/ hour it takes to clean it, with a minimum charge of $38.00.
  • Lost key charge: $25.00.
  • Bus Driver charge: $25.00/hour. Customer must arrange for a driver through the FMD Office.

Insurance:  If the vehicle is being used for personal use, then the renter's personal insurance must be used to cover any damage to the vehicle. All vehicles except for the buses are available for personal use.

Instructions for Obtaining Driving Record

  1. Go to the DMV website:
  2. Once at this website, click “continue” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click “Register” and complete the questions that are asked. You will need to create your own User ID and password to set up your account. Make note of this information – you will need it again.
  4. After completing the registration information, wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to your email.
  5. Once you receive the confirmation email, log in to the website ( using your username and password.
  6. Go through the steps on the next webpages and enter your credit card information to pay the $2.00 fee.  
  7. After you fill in and submit your credit card information, a webpage appears stating that your transaction was complete.
    1. Click “View DL Record”
    2. Click continue
    3. Print the next page, which is the driving record.* If you do not print the driving record at this time you may have to pay the fee again.