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PUC Students Travel To Beirut To Aid In Relief Efforts

By Dana Negro on September 15, 2020

On August 4, a huge blast struck the Lebanese capital city of Beirut, killing at least 135 people, wounding more than 5,000, and leaving more than 300,000 people homeless. Across the world, Pacific Union College students Alex Nelson and Gilund Fayard were spending their summer working as guides for the outdoor adventure company, Way to Moab in Moab, Utah, and had no idea their lives would change in just a short few days. When given the opportunity to join relief efforts in Beirut, both young men jumped at the opportunity. Fayard admits the decision to travel to a foreign country with little planning and notice was a bit reckless. They were unable to confirm accommodations before they departed and arrived in Beirut in the middle of the night and slept on the airport floor but both students called it providential as they watched answers to their many challenges fall into place one after the next. Before even leaving the airport they were offered housing from a friend of a friend and met strangers who offered rides, wifi, food, and lots of prayer.What made you decide to travel to Beirut?Gil: I decided to go based on my personal connections, my skill...
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PUC Celebrates John Collins’ 28 Years of Service

By Dana Negro on October 21, 2016

On Thursday, October 13, Pacific Union College faculty and staff along with friends, and family, gathered to celebrate the 28 year career of John Collins, vice president for asset management, who retired in September. Collins’ tremendous career at PUC began in 1988 where he served as vice president for student services and enrollment and later as vice president for financial administration. During the retirement celebration, colleagues spoke about John’s influence on their careers and on them personally. “John was the person who offered me my first job out of college,” said Michelle Rai, chair of the department of communication. “When I was a senior at PUC, John asked if I wanted a full-time job with the enrollment office. When I told him my dad probably wanted me to get a job back home in Hawaii, he personally spoke to my dad assuring him I would be well taken care of here,” continued Rai. “After talking to John, my dad gave me his blessing to live in California and work for PUC. I told John I would commit to working for PUC for a year. ‘How about two?’ was his reply. That was 18 years ago.” Collins’ life has been dedicated...
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Middle School Students Get Sneak Peek at College: PacificQuest 2017

By Dana Negro on August 22, 2016

High achieving middle school students were offered a glimpse of college life while attending Pacific Union College’s annual PacificQuest program, July 17-22. PacificQuest allows academically outstanding 7th through 9th graders the opportunity to collaboratively explore various curriculum, in depth, while earning college credit during the week long summer program. This year PacificQuest hosted 14 students representing 13 different schools from across the country, some as far away as Texas. This year’s PacificQuest theme focused on STEM, which is based on educating students in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students were able to attend classes, taught by PUC professors, on chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. Professor Kent Davis shared his love for chemistry, teaching students about molecules and performing his legendary demonstrations. The students enjoyed making good smelling aromas (esters) from a starting material with a terrible stench (butyric acid). Professor Chantel Blackburn designed a course where students learned about math using colors, shapes, and codes, saying “I introduced the students to mathematical topics of symmetry groups and coding theory which are typically encountered at the undergraduate level in a course like abstract algebra. I was impressed not only by how quickly the students grasped the concepts they...
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Summer Classes at PUC Could Be For You

By Dana Negro on June 7, 2016

As students gear up for the fast approaching week of finals, most are excited to wave goodbye to school and head off to warmer weather, catching up on sleep, and days at the beach. But there are some who have different plans, plans which include spending a portion of their break taking classes. Over the past few years, summer classes have become more and more popular, allowing students to remain academically productive during the summer months. PUC offers a limited number of classes which cover the same coursework as a typical class, only in a much shorter amount of time, and sessions range variously from June 13 - August 12. Once you get past the idea of sitting in a classroom while your friends are off enjoying months of freedom, and once you realize the accelerated course work of one or two classes is completely manageable, we hope you recognize the benefits of taking a summer class at PUC. While an accelerated class will likely mean a little extra work and studying, the lack of other classes and fewer distractions will allow you to devote much more time to your class, which will show in your final grade! Summer classes...
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Speaker Terrie Dopp Aamodt and Honored Guest Donald Blake Featured at Percy and John Christian Civil Rights Conference Center Lecture

By Dana Negro on April 20, 2016

On April 14, Pacific Union College held the 2016 Inaugural Lecture of the Percy and John Christian Civil Rights Conference Center. The lecture entitled “Percy W. Christian and Adventism’s Academic Jackie Robinson” was given by professor Terrie Dopp Aamodt, Ph.D., followed by a question and answer session with honored guest Donald F. Blake, Ph.D. The Percy and John Christian Civil Rights Conference Center was founded to honor two influential Adventist educators who were fiercely committed to the goal of racial equality. As trained historians, Percy and John devoted their lives to strengthening Adventist education. During his esteemed career, Percy served as president of Pacific Union College (1945-1950), Emmanuel Missionary College (now Andrews University), and Walla Walla College (now Walla Walla University). While president of WWC, Percy initiated the acceptance of black students. He also hired Dr. Donald Blake, the first black professor to teach at an Adventist institution outside of Oakwood University in Alabama. He is credited with integrating Adventist higher education. John, Percy’s son, was academic dean and professor of history at PUC (1972-1977, 1994-2000). Like his father, he was also deeply committed to racial equality. He also served as an influential professor at Walla Walla University, Atlantic Union...
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PUC Mourns the Loss of International Student Fen Pan

By Larissa Church and Dana Negro on March 29, 2016

Today, the PUC campus community mourns the loss of Fen Pan, an international student from Beijing, China, who died as the result of a car accident Deer Park, Calif., shortly before 2 p.m. Monday, March 28. Fen was one of seven people in the vehicle. The accident remains under investigation. Injured in the accident were Yejin An, from Guam; Ruth Bahta, from Carmichael, Calif.; Soon Joo Hwang and Issac Hwang from Chino Hills, Calif.; Jihyun Kim, from Guam; and Jaeyeong Choi, from Colton, Calif. All have been released from area hospitals. Fen, 20, graduated from Loma Linda Academy in 2014. She was studying music and pre-dentistry at PUC. On behalf of the entire campus community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, we express our deepest condolences to Fen’s family in Beijing, her host family the Saesims in Redlands, Calif., and her friends and fellow students. “Our campus community is saddened by the loss of our dear, sweet Fen Pan. Her love for life was contagious amongst her family and friends. Her beautiful smile, her ability to connect and make close, lifelong friends, and her genuine commitment to loved ones will always be a cherished memory,” says Lisa Bissell Paulson, vice...
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35th Annual Career Day Brings Distinguished Alumni to Campus

By Dana Negro & Larissa Church on March 10, 2016

Pacific Union College hosted its 35th annual Career Day on Thursday, March 3. This highly attended annual event offered students a unique opportunity to connect with close to 50 working professionals, many of whom were PUC alumni, in various fields of interest ranging from U.S. Marshals to educators to professionals from companies such as Adventist Health, LinkedIn, TiVo, the Sacramento Kings, and more. The event began with a special Colloquy presentation by Dr. Loree K. Sutton, a PUC alumnus, distinguished retired Brigadier General, and the recently appointed commissioner of veteran’s affairs in New York City. Sutton addressed a full church imploring students to be their best self and to take every opportunity that comes their way. “The world needs our gifts. Keep your eyes open, we are transforming the narrative,” she said. “I challenge you to think of how to prepare yourselves to continue serving.” She also expressed how thankful she was for her education at PUC. “In preparing to come back and talk with you today, I was overcome with gratitude; gratitude for all that this place and the people who have been here and who are here and who will be in the years to come; all that...
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Pioneers Sign Student Athletes, Three from Union Academies

By Dana Negro on March 9, 2016

Pacific Union College Athletics is excited to announce the signing of four new student athletes to the Pioneer family! Joining our Lady Pioneers will be CeCe Ewing (basketball), Brooke Sumner (basketball), Audrey Uyemura (volleyball), and Morgan Spencer (volleyball). CeCe Ewing, a shooting guard from Loma Linda Academy, was named First Team All-League three consecutive years, MVP her junior and senior seasons, and offensive MVP her sophomore season. “I am excited to be a part of a brand new team. I am also grateful to be at the same school as my big brother,” Ewing says. Graduating with high honors, Ewing plans to major in psychology at PUC. Brooke Sumner, a shooting guard, hails from Escondido Academy and La Sierra University. While playing varsity basketball in academy, she received First Team All-League both her junior and senior season. She was also named MVP three consecutive years, and was also Athlete of the Year her junior season. Sumner played softball, volleyball, and golf in academy as well. “I can’t wait to be pushed to my limit and make the PUC spirit stronger than ever,” she says. Sumner plans to study physical education and dental hygiene at PUC. Audrey Uyemura, a libero from...
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