A "Political Party": Students Discuss Topics

By Lainey S. Cronk on October 30, 2008

With election day fast approaching — and with this year’s much-talked-about ballot — politics, parties, and polls have naturally worked their way into campus life. Class discussion in the Honors seminar “Alterity” have delved into the social background for the to-do on various candidates. Students can always catch some CNN in the Campus Center and have gathered there to watch the candidate debates. The Social Work Forum provided voter registration forms and will host a shuttle to the polling location. And a full Campus Center welcomed a “Political Party” on October 29. Hosted by the Student Association, the “Political Party” featured a Democrat table and a Republican table; commentary and an open forum for issues on the ballot, with a panel of senators and faculty members responding to questions raised by the audience or the facilitator; and apple pie. Student and village district senator Matthew Reeves opened the forum with a basic explanation on bonds and some commentary on how they play into measures on California’s ballot this November. Another senator, Zach Benton, presented background and commentary on Prop 4 (Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy). Reeves and senator Cristina Alba then represented opposing sides on...
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Deer Park Fire: A Community Experience

By Lainey S. Cronk on October 28, 2008

In the late afternoon of Friday, October 10, a seemingly harmless incident with a car on the side of Deer Park Road generated a spark that took off through dry grass and became a blaze within minutes. Angwin and Deer Park residents were quickly on the alert — and the firefighting forces multiplied as wind spread the fire. At Pacific Union College, key people stayed in touch with CalFire and were on the ready for whatever might happen. The campus was very briefly without electricity. Special announcements were made to the students at vespers and in dorm meetings regarding fire status and procedures in case the campus should be threatened. About 100 people were evacuated in Deer Park, but Angwin was never threatened. Residents heard the trucks, planes, and helicopters through the night, however; and the glow and smoke could be seen from surrounding areas. The main road off the hill was closed, though most people were able to come and go using Old Howell Mountain Road. The Angwin Fire Department was not a part of the initial dispatch, except for their water tender (for transporting water to the fire location). But later in the evening a team of ten...
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Artist Team Shows Vibrant Paintings at PUC

By Lainey S. Cronk on October 21, 2008

Artist team Lisa Beerntsen and Tony Speirs share a Sonoma County studio in which they create paintings — both working in a vibrant, lively color palette but in very unique styles. The two are exhibiting their “One Studio — Two Views” show at the Rasmussen Art Gallery in Angwin, with an opening reception and artists’ talk on Saturday, November 1, 7-9 p.m.In addition to their individual work in art or teaching, Beerntsen and Speirs also work collaboratively on some projects, including a recent collaboration with the collective of artists 'Art Farm Motel' on several very large-scale painting-installation projects for the Burning Man Art Festival.Rasmussen Art Gallery is located on the Pacific Union College campus in Angwin. The gallery is open to the public with no admission charge. “One Studio — Two Views” will be on exhibit during regular gallery hours November 1 through December 7, but by appointment only during the week of November 22-30. Regular gallery hours are Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 1-5 p.m. For more information, call 707-965-6303....
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Asher Raboy Becomes Resident Artist at Pacific Union College

By Lainey S. Cronk on October 17, 2008

Two years ago, the music department at Pacific Union College welcomed Asher Raboy, longtime director of the Napa Valley Symphony, into its ranks. He directed the college's symphonic wind ensemble and taught a few classes in orchestration and counterpoint. Now, Raboy has joined the department as a "resident artist of music," teaching and directing a full load of classes and ensembles and giving students a chance to tap even more into his extensive music experience, leadership, and talent. Raboy's impressive music career includes serving as the music director of the Napa Valley Symphony since 1990; traveling as a guest conductor and conducting various prestigious ballets, symphonies, and youth orchestras; composing a wide range of works; lecturing and writing; and teaching students from ages four all the way through college level. At PUC, he has created a community of music and learning that students are anxious to be a part of. "Asher Raboy is the most amazing teacher I have ever had," said senior music major Matthew Reeves. "His passion is apparent, and his ability to motivate students with that passion is what makes him a great teacher.… He is about practicality, and about usefulness, and about learning."What convinced Raboy to...
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Fall Revival Features Iki Taimi

By Lainey S. Cronk on October 14, 2008

Each year, just into the first quarter of the new year, a "Fall Revival" helps students get a spiritual kick-start to the year. This year's featured speaker was Iki Taimi, a pastor from Southern California who has been working in a "church plant," starting a church from scratch, since 2006.Wednesday through Friday, students' class schedule was altered to allow for morning and evening meetings that everybody could attend. Taimi also spoke for both Sabbath church services. His message for the PUC campus was about how "God Uses Everyday People." On Thursday, when he spoke for campus colloquy, he talked about how Jesus told a group of "everyday, ordinary people" that they were the salt of the earth. "Salt gives flavor," he said. "It makes what's already there better. Your job is to go into this world and make it a better place. Your job is to reflect that light."An energetic speaker, Taimi used many stories, both humorous and moving, from his family. With a focus on real life and no excuses, he asked people to make a difference wherever they are. "You are what makes ministry happens," he said. "You are it."...
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Deer Park Fire Update

By Julie Z. Lee on October 11, 2008

OCTOBER 11, 2008, 10 a.m. – This morning Pacific Union College received reports that the fire is slowing down and is still headed south toward Meadowood Resort. PUC is not in danger. According to the Angwin Fire Department website, the fire was 40% contained as of 8 a.m. this morning and expect full containment by Sunday, October 12. Last night, the college gave a full update to the students at the sanctuary, following Friday night vespers, and protocol to follow should an evacuation be requested. Residence Hall Assistants were also briefed at 11 p.m. last night, prior to room check, for the latest on the fire and a review of the emergency evacuation procedure. As of last night, churches were also identified and contacted as possible evacuation sites for PUC students. There is restricted access up and down the hill. Old Howell Mountain was the only available route this morning. Most thoroughfare towards St. Helena are closed. Please limit driving down the hill if possible. For questions regarding the fire or for information on road access, please contact the PUC Department of Public Safety at (707) 965-6551. Or visit www.angwinfire.com Related article: Deer Park Fire, October 10, 2008...
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Deer Park Fire

By Julie Z. Lee on October 10, 2008

OCTOBER 10, 2008, 8 p.m. -- Earlier this evening, there was a large vegetation fire on the west side of Howell Mountain Road, reportedly near the hairpin turn. Since the wind is blowing south, Pacific Union College was never under evacuation orders. Initially, PUC's gymnasium was designated as an evacuation site for residents, but this request was later canceled. A voluntary evacuation, however, was called only for residents south of the hairpin turn, with instructions to gather at the St. Helena High School gymnasium. While Howell Mountain Road was closed south of White Cottage, Old Mountain Road was open in both directions as of 6:40 p.m. The PUC campus was temporarily without power, but by 6:48 p.m. power was restored. PUC will continue to work closely with law enforcement officials to receive regular updates on the fire and ensure the safety of our campus. In case of a fire, PUC has an emergency evacuation plan that was reviewed and updated this past summer. For questions regarding tonight's fire or for information on road access, please contact the PUC Department of Public Safety at (707) 965-6551....
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Piano Fantasia Honors Mondavis & Features Bay Area Artists

By Julie Z. Lee on October 7, 2008

On Sunday evening, October 5, more than 300 guests attended an exclusive piano concert in honor of Mrs. Margrit Mondavi and the memory of her late husband, Robert. Piano Fantasia, sponsored by Pacific Union College and held at Paulin Hall, paid tribute to the Mondavi's visionary leadership and passion for music arts in the Napa Valley."Margrit, this is a woman who has touched my heart—she is so dear to me, and the chance to honor her is the most exciting thing on earth," said master of ceremony Asher Raboy during his welcome. Raboy is director of music for the Napa Valley Symphony and faculty in the PUC music department. "If there are arts happening, not only did she put her time and money into it, but she put her beautiful spirit, her joy, her love and made the whole thing a glorious experience."The intimate concert welcomed award-winning pianists Rebecca Bogart, Elben Capule, Alex Chien, Daniel Glover, Hugo Kitano, Mack McCray, William Wellborn. The concert celebrated a range of experience and age; three of the performers are young students in elementary and junior high school and college."The amount of talent on the stage—and to think it's basically in our community. It's...
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Register to Vote! Social Work Forum Makes a Campus Effort

By Lainey S. Cronk on October 3, 2008

This year the Social Work Forum, an organization of the social work program at Pacific Union College, is renewing its efforts to encourage students to vote — and help them get registered and to the polls. Some are predicting increased voting of "youth voters," and the Forum wants to make that a reality at least on our campus. In the all-school colloquy program on October 2, president Richard Osborn spoke about voting, the history both of Constitutional amendments affecting voting rights and the Adventist position on voting, and some guidelines he strives to use in his voting decisions. Osborn then introduced social work professor Monte Butler and student Alisa Jacobo, who detailed the Forum's movement to encourage voting. When talking about the program's mission, Butler said, "For many of us in the social work program, you can hardly read Christ's message to us without saying we're called to make this world a better place." In voting, he added, "We need to have influence on who gets elected." As they have in past years, the Forum this year set up a voter registration booth at the beginning of the new school year. "We had lots of people come by and say,...
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New Faces on Campus

By Lainey S. Cronk on October 2, 2008

Each new school year brings a myriad of new students, but also some new professional faces. This year, several new people have joined the faculty and the enrollment team at PUC. Ismail Akman, M.S.W., and Sylvana George, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., have both joined the social work program as assistant professors. Akman teaches part-time and works as a medical social worker at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa. George also teaches part-time and works for two parole units with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, providing individual and group therapy to parolees. Clay Burnett, B.S., is a new enrollment counselor. He comes to PUC from Arkansas, where he worked at Ozark Adventist Academy. Cambria Wheeler, B.A., who was a drama program intern for PUC’s English department last year, is also a new enrollment counselor. Visual arts welcomes Alexander Carpenter, M.A., Melissa Pratt, M.F.A., and Rodney Vance, M.F.A. Carpenter, an instructor, will teach art history. He is also a new media consultant and the editor of the Spectrum magazine online blog. Pratt is an assistant professor with filmmaking experience and teaches in the film and television program. Vance, associate professor, heads up the film and television program. He has been...
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