Member of Original Mac Team Shows Photos at PUC

By Lainey S. Cronk on September 29, 2008

Bill Atkinson was a member of the original Macintosh team at Apple Computer, designing much of the initial Macintosh user interface and writing some of their original software. Now Atkinson is pursuing his life-long passion of exploring and photographing nature, and he presents his “Within the Stone” photography exhibit at the Rasmussen Art Gallery in Angwin on October 4. “Within the Stone,” also the title of Atkinson’s recent photography book, highlights the photographer’s passion for nature in a unique, close-up way. The exhibit features photos that reveal astonishing color, form, and hidden landscapes in the surfaces of art-quality polished stones. “By photographing cut and polished rocks he has created an extensive collection of evocative images that look more like abstract paintings than photographs,” writes Robert Hutchinson. As a successful photographer and fine art printmaker, Atkinson also teaches workshops and has presented to over three hundred photographers. His work has shown in exhibits in California, Colorado, Oregon and New York, and he has been featured in various publications. Atkinson will be present at the exhibit opening for an artist’s talk. The opening takes place at Rasmussen Art Gallery on the Pacific Union College campus on Saturday, October 4, 7-9 p.m. The...
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Opening Convocation Focuses on Spiritual Authenticity

By Lainey S. Cronk on September 29, 2008

There are two events at Pacific Union College that add a whole new element to fashion on campus — velvety caps, drapey sleeves, and billowy hoods. These unusual garments come out each year when the faculty don their regalia for graduation and also for the opening convocation at the beginning of the year.On September 25, the faculty marched into the PUC church in their regalia for the first of the weekly all-school colloquys. But the program was about much more than pomp: Following a welcome from president Richard Osborn and his wife, family ministries pastor Norma Osborn, three speakers shared compelling personal insights into spiritual authenticity on our campus.As PUC has sought to refine its standing as "academically outstanding and spiritually authentic," questions about how that plays out have been a big part of campus dialogue.Charlene Bainum, professor of psychology, told of her struggle as a professor to integrate spirituality in the classroom — did she need to pray before every class, or tell more stories of her own spiritual experiences? She began to see, however, that "authenticity was declining in proportion to my attempts to manipulate it." Now she sees that spiritual authenticity is the by-product of something else:...
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Former Professor Named Director of Voice of Prophecy

By Lainey S. Cronk on September 23, 2008

Former Pacific Union College communication professor Fred Kinsey has been named the new speaker/director of the Voice of Prophecy (VOP), an Adventist radio, Bible school, and evangelistic ministry with its international headquarters at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California. "[Kinsey] was a very popular and influential teacher at PUC… over many years," says PUC president Richard Osborn. Kinsey's strong background in both pastoral ministry and the communication field have served him well as the assistant to the president for communication in the North American Division, a role he will continue to hold. Kinsey succeeds E. Lonnie Melashenko, who spent 17 years in the role. "I'm glad that Fred Kinsey is able to help give voice to the message of the Voice of Prophecy," said Don C. Schneider, chairman of the VOP Board of Trustees and president of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in a VOP press release. "Fred is a veteran of pastoral ministry as well as communications, and he lives to share God's love with people, which is exactly the aim of every VOP broadcast.""I'm honored to follow the broadcasting pioneers who established and grew the VOP over the years, H.M.S. Richards, Sr....
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Publication Workshop Gives Hands-on Training

By Julie Z. Lee & Lainey S. Cronk on September 11, 2008

This year's Publication Workshop at Pacific Union College drew about 200 participants from 23 schools in the Pacific Union (California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona). Academy students and sponsors gathered for targeted, practical training for jump-starting yearbooks, newspapers, and video yearbooks.With 20 presenters teaching over 40 sessions on vital publication skills, the 17th annual Publication Workshop provided students and sponsors with an abundance of resources and practice. Carly Hubbard, the newspaper editor for Redlands Adventist Academy, was at the workshop for the first time. "I learned a lot and I became better informed on the subject of publication in general," she said. She left determined to implement what she'd learned: "I'm going to try to improve the writing quality of our paper and follow the AP style that is more traditional with publication writing. I also want to get more staff involved with the paper."Amy Hill, the yearbook sponsor for Redlands Adventist Academy, has been to the workshop multiple times and loves it. "It's a fantastic experience for us as a group. We always leave Publication Workshop with a plan, and it's a perfect way to start a new school year."At the end of the two-day session, awards were presented for...
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A Crown and a Platform for a College Freshman

By Lainey S. Cronk on September 5, 2008

Most people don't kick off their freshman year at PUC by becoming a beauty queen. And Amanda Betat, now a sophomore, was pretty certain it wasn't her preferred way to start a college education. So she turned down the offer to run for Miss Lake County three times: "All the negative stereotypes that I initially had about pageantry almost kept me from running at all." Even when she finally agreed to run, she wasn't so sure. "Surrounded by hairspray, false eyelashes, and swimsuit glue I was certain that there was no place for me in the world of pageantry."But Betat quickly began to see that there was more to the pageants than most people realize, from a commitment to making a difference in communities to scholarships for education. "Fashion, makeup, and evening gowns were discussed interchangeably with talk of politics, platforms, and current events," she recalls. "I've made many friends, gotten to know my community, earned money towards college, and learned a lot about myself."When Betat won her local pageant, became Miss Lake County 2008, and went on to the Miss California pageant, the "deeper" aspects of the pageants became even more real in her life. For one thing, she...
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PUC Marks 15th Consecutive Year as "Best College"

By Lainey S Cronk on September 2, 2008

For the 15th year in a row, U.S. News & World Report named Pacific Union College among the best educational institutions in the country. PUC ranked in the top tier, at number 17, for the baccalaureate colleges (West) region in the 2009 "America's Best Colleges" issue. It also ranks first in its region for ethnic diversity (not including international students), first for international students, and sixth for both freshmen retention rates and least debt among graduates.One of the most well-known and widely referenced sources of college rankings, U.S. News & World Report released its 2009 "Best Colleges" material in August, 2008. They collected data from more than 1,400 colleges for this year's rankings."As a learning community, we are pleased to be recognized not only for outstanding academics, but for the success of students from diverse backgrounds," said Nancy Lecourt, vice president for academic administration and academic dean. "We are proud to see our graduates changing the world."PUC is ranked in a category for institutions that focus on undergraduate education and grant fewer than half their degrees in liberal arts disciplines. High scores are based on such elements as peer assessment, graduation and retention rates, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources,...
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Mandarin Language Course Offered at PUC

By Lainey S Cronk on September 1, 2008

Pacific Union College is once again offering language studies in Mandarin Chinese. The three-part course will be offered throughout the 2008-2009 school year, meeting for evening classes on the PUC campus in Angwin. Native Mandarin speaker Jun Liu, originally from Beijing, will instruct the courses. Students need no previous foreign language learning experience for the beginning-level courses, and they will develop speaking and listening skills as well as beginning-level reading and writing. A proficiency-based approach emphasizes the practical use of everyday Mandarin Chinese, and elements of Chinese culture will also be featured. Part one of the course will run September 22 to December 8; part two, January 5 to March 16; and part three, March 30 to June 8. The class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7:45 p.m. on the PUC campus. For more information, contact Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti, chair of the PUC modern languages department, at (707) 965-6510 or srasi@puc.edu. You can also contact the instructor, Jun Liu, at jliu@puc.edu....
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Pioneers Win Sportsmanship Award for Third Straight Year

By Tauva Hellie on August 27, 2008

For the third consecutive year, the Pacific Union College Pioneers Athletic Department received the California Pacific Conference Team Sportsmanship Award. The other nine schools in the league voted that the Pioneers best exemplified the five core values of the Champions of Character program: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Servant Leadership, and Sportsmanship. The Champions of Character program was established by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) in 2000. During the years that the Cal Pac Conference has given the Sportsmanship Award to one of its members, the Pioneers have received the title four times — these three years, and the 2002-2003 season. "This award represents the finest example of the Champions of Character standards," Don Ott, commissioner of the Cal Pac Conference said. "Pacific Union's honor reflects well on the entire conference, and the staff, student-athletes and institution are to be applauded." Another testament to the Champions of Character program and the Cal Pac Conference is that every institution in the conference received at least one vote in at least three different sports. "That really is a remarkable achievement," Ott added. "While our institutions compete fiercely with one another on the field or court, there is a regular mutual respect and...
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PacificQuest 2008: Skills for the 21st Century

By Lindsay Petersen on August 11, 2008

It was another thrilling week for the 24 participants in the annual PacificQuest program at Pacific Union College, which ran this year from July 27 to August 1. Perhaps a measure of its popularity is the number of fervent requests to return from students who are no longer of qualifying age. They want to come back for one more year, and one of their arguments is that the closer they get to being of college age and participating in the program, the greater the chance of making PUC their final choice of college. Who can argue against that kind of young logic?The PacificQuest program is designed for students who have just completed grades seven through nine, and it introduces them to PUC through a week of activities and classes, with one core class and a choice of two electives taught by PUC instructors.Professors Richard Rockwell, Maria Rankin-Brown and Robert Ordóñez taught stimulating classes in mathematics, creative thinking and writing, and interactive computer programming. On the final day of the program, the students delivered individual demonstrations and group skits that were entertaining and even riveting proofs of concepts and skills learned. Upon completion of the program, each student earned one unit...
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2008-2009 Educator of the Year: Robin Vance

By Julie Z. Lee on August 11, 2008

Each spring, PUC students are asked to vote for a professor who has had a tremendous impact on the lives of their students. This year, hundreds of students went to the polls during a two-week period in April, and on May 8, the results of the vote were announced at the annual Educator of the Year colloquy program."Because of the grace, sweetness, and courage with which he lives and works among us, PUC is pleased to name Dr. Robin Vance as 2008-2009 Educator of the Year," said Nancy Lecourt, academic dean and vice president of academic administration.The honor was a surprise to Vance and, he admits, overwhelming. Fellow professors offered up a roast, a student gave a tribute, and Vance's brother, Rodney, surprised him with a humorous and touching slideshow that followed Vance from childhood to present."It was really neat to have some heart-felt appreciation from the students, and that was very touching to me," said Vance. "I was uncomfortable being the center of attention but enjoyed the affirmation from the students. That was very nice."The youngest of three brothers, Vance grew up in California and earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees from Loma Linda University. After completing his...
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