Information Technology

Computer-Internet-Network Use Policy

Pacific Union College is committed to providing a wide range of computing services to support the needs of students, faculty, and staff. The policies described below are designed to ensure the security and integrity of computer resources available on campus, to assure that users have reasonable access to the facilities, and to ensure that the action of any one user will not adversely affect any aspect of the work of another. PUC respects the individual privacy of its users; however, user privacy does not extend to the user's use of the PUC provided computer resources. Individual departments have the right to supplement these policies. The College reserves the right to mandate use of precautionary measures, evaluate, and monitor all computers and electronic telecommunications, except as may be prohibited by federal or state laws.

PUC's Right to Access Information

The computer resources have been installed by PUC to facilitate college-related academic communications and research. Although each user may have an individual password to access the system, the system itself belongs to PUC and the contents of any and all Internet usage are accessible at all times by PUC.

The system may be subject to periodic unannounced inspections and should be treated like any other shared filing system. The contents or records of Internet usage, properly obtained for legitimate purposes may be disclosed without your permission. You should not assume that messages are confidential. Back-up copies of any file on the system may be maintained and referenced for business and/or legal reasons and are not confidential. PUC can and will block web addresses at the discretion of the administration. Further, PUC can and will record web sites accessed or hit by users.

Personal Use of the Internet

Any downloading, distributing, copying or sharing of copyrighted or proprietary material is illegal without the written authorization of the owner of the rights (17 USC 204(a)). If you are sharing, downloading, or receiving copyrighted materials such as music, video, television programs or software without written authorization of the owner of the rights, please immediately stop this to avoid legal penalties including fines of thousands of dollars from the RIAA and MPAA. Please note that downloading copyrighted materials is not anonymous and your computer can be tracked down.

PUC provides computing resources to assist you at PUC; you should use it for academic purposes only. Incidental and occasional personal use of the Internet is permitted by PUC. PUC reserves the right to access and disclose as necessary, all records of Internet usage sent over its system. Since your Internet usage can be accessed by PUC without prior notice, you should not use the system in any way you would not want to be published. You should not use these systems for purposes such as soliciting or advertising for commercial ventures, religious or personal causes, or outside organizations, or other similar non-academic related solicitations. If PUC discovers you are misusing the network, you may be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, termination of computer privileges.

Content of Internet Communications

You may not use PUC's computer system in any way that may be seen as insulting, disruptive, harassing, or offensive. Use of the PUC system in violation of this guideline will result in immediate disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, termination of privileges.

Monitoring of E-Mail/Internet/Computer Usage

Please recognize that any activity in the PUC computing resources is not confidential. The system administrators or other College employees can and will access user files at any time. User files may also be subject to search by law enforcement agencies under court order. All computer usage, including, but not limited to, e-mail, word processing, or Internet usage is subject to monitoring and recording. Any website that is hit from a computer attached to the PUC computer network will generate a record of which site was hit.


Users of computer resources at PUC are responsible for safeguarding assigned passwords and for using them for their intended purposes only. Each user is responsible for all activity that occurs under authorization of their password. Following the precautions below will help prevent unauthorized use of and liability for unauthorized use of computer resources:

  • IT staff will never ask for user names and passwords either via email or by phone. Maintain the confidentiality of passwords (do not give your password to another individual).
  • Log off of your account or lock the screen with password re-entry required when leaving (even for a short time).
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Only use computer accounts for which you are authorized.

The following activities are authorized and encouraged:

  • Search the network for information you need or want for academic purposes;
  • Communicate with other people across the network as long as you comply with current policies. (Beware: e-mail is not a private form of communication. It is similar to a postcard or a bulletin board notice, and no communication should be considered confidential and/or private.) All e-mail received or sent on the college network is the property of PUC, and as such may be reviewed at will;
  • Use network time efficiently. During heavy usage times, please refrain from unnecessary activities.

The following activities are prohibited:

  • Engaging in false, misleading, anonymous, or offensive communications with others on the network;
  • Display, access, download or upload obscene, lewd, sexually harassing or pornographic materials or content;
  • Use of "chat" or "talk" rooms excessively on-line;
  • Knowingly or carelessly running, or installing on any computer system, or network, or give to another user, a program intended to damage, or place excessive load on a computer system or network. This includes programs with viruses;
  • Harassment: Users of College computer resources shall not use these resources to harass or annoy others, or prevent them from legitimately using the facilities. Using electronic mail to send other users unsolicited messages of obscene, demeaning and/or menacing content constitutes harassment.
  • Participate in or involvement with software piracy;
  • Use someone else's computer account or allow others to use your account. (You are responsible for all activity performed on your computer.);
  • Use PUC's computer resources to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems;
  • Connect unauthorized equipment to the PUC network;
  • Attempt to bypass data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes;
  • Knowingly or carelessly performing an act that will interfere with the normal operation of the computers, terminals, peripherals, or other network equipment;
  • Deliberately waste computer resources by printing unnecessary copies of a document;
  • Use e-mail to harass or threaten others. (This includes sending repeated or unwanted e-mail to another user.)
  • Initiate or advance electronic chain letters;
  • Send inappropriate mass mailings. (i.e., no spamming);
  • Forge the identity of a user or machine in any electronic communication;
  • Transmit or reproduce materials that are slanderous, or defamatory in nature, or that otherwise violate existing laws or College regulations.
  • Monitor or tamper with another user's communications, i.e., reading, copying, changing, or deleting other user's files or software without explicit written agreement of the owner.
  • Conduct private business using the computing resources of PUC.
  • Compliance with federal, state, and local laws: No individual shall use any part of the computer resources of the college in any activity that violates federal, state, or local laws.
  • Network monitoring: Monitoring and/or sniffing of any network traffic, passwords, e-mail, or any other network communications is prohibited.
  • Pornographic and violent material: Any use of College computing resources to view or transmit material with prurient content is prohibited. For purposes of this policy "prurient content" is defined as material unrelated to a legitimate academic purpose and intended for the arousal of sexual or violent thoughts or desires of the recipient and/or the sender.
  • Network servers: Network servers of any kind are prohibited without the express approval of the ITSS Department. A network server is defined as any computer providing services to other computers on PUC's intranet or the Internet.

Results of Misuse

Minor infractions of the policy, when accidental, or unintended, will generally be resolved informally by the Information Technology Systems and Services management. Repeated minor infractions or serious misconduct may result in the loss of system access. Additionally, any misuse may be prosecuted under applicable laws. Users may also be held accountable under applicable College policies. Any offense which violates local, state, or federal laws may result in the immediate loss of college computing resource privileges and will be referred to appropriate College offices or law enforcement authorities.

By my use of any PUC computing facilities, I agree to abide by the stated guidelines and policies.