Off-Campus Housing

Students who are over the age of 23 may fill out the appropriate forms and request permission to live off campus. The Angwin community includes a number of rental apartments available for these students, though housing prices in the area are high. For more information regarding off-campus housing, please visit Student & Spiritual Life or call them at 707-965-.

Community Housing w/ Parents

If you're planning to live off campus with your parents, use this form.

Community Housing Application

Students who are under 22 years old and want to live off campus must submit this form.

Community Housing 23-25

Students who are 22 years old but turning 23 during the academic school year and want to live off campus must submit this form.

Housing Policies

PUC affirms the values gained from being primarily a residential college. By accepting admission, a student 22 or younger agrees to live in a resident hall—unless the student applies and is granted an exception. Requests for off-campus housing may be granted according to the following criteria for students in good standing:

  • 23 or older
  • 22 and turning 23 during the academic year
  • Fifth-year seniors (Student Missionary and Taskforce years may count as one year)
  • Holder of an earned Bachelor’s degree
  • Living with parents or immediate relatives—grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings who are at least 25 years old—and in their primary residence
  • Part-time students taking 6 hours or less
  • 22 or younger with significant financial need and offered room and board at substantial savings with a family (must live in the family’s home)*
  • Married, divorced, widowed*
  • Single parents*

Off-campus housing requests are approved on an annual basis. Approval must be obtained from Student & Spiritual Life prior to signing a lease. Single community students are not allowed to live in co-ed groups.

*All housing must be registered in the office of Student & Spiritual Life. Residence halls are only available for those students who are enrolled at PUC and who meet the eligibility requirements. Students 24 and older may live in the residence halls on a “space available” basis upon application. This policy also applies for all students taking summer school/or working full- or part-time on campus during summers.