Veteran Services

Veteran Services

Pacific Union College welcomes student veterans and active duty personnel to our distinctly Christian Liberal Arts campus. We are honored to support your academic success as you obtain your college degree.

PUC's Student Veterans Taskforce members work collaboratively to ease your transition from military service to college life. Key Taskforce personnel help you to adapt your military skills and experience to civilian life while attending college.

Veteran Academic Services Coordinator/ VA Certifying Official
(707) 965-6676

Kharolyn Smith

Academic Support Representative

Debbie Wallace

Associate Professor of Nursing
Director, Med Tech/LVN to RN Program Coordinator
(707) 965-7627

Freddie Whiteside

Director of Student Financial Services
(707) 965-7200


To find a step-by-step guide through the admissions process and to find contact information of all necessary administrators, please visit Student Veterans Steps for Admission. PUC’s transfer analyst and Registrar will help ensure any prior course work that is eligible will count towards your program here at PUC.

Financial Aid

Want to know what benefits you are eligible for? Contact Freddie Whiteside—Director of Financial Services—to discuss how you can afford PUC. After working with the Registrar, you may be eligible for PUC’s Yellow Ribbon Program, which can help you cover tuition and fees not covered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Yellow Ribbon Program VA Benefits

Academic Support Services

PUC offers its students a host of student support services. No extra documentation or fees are required to use one or all of the following services, so we encourage all students use them regularly.

Academic Advising

Students at PUC visit dedicated advisors based on their chosen major. Advisors will work with students to help them plan their academic course load and ensure students are on track for graduation. Advisors can also help answering basic questions about navigating campus culture, answering career path queries, and simply providing advice for students struggling to acclimate to the college environment. Advisors can also refer students to the correct department for further help with these issues.

Academic Support Services

The Student Success Center houses PUC’s host of academic support services, which include tutoring, the writing lab, and academic mentoring. All tutoring offered by the Student Success Center is completely free, and students can request for any course. Tutoring and writing lab hours are at the discretion of our tutors, but the Student Success Center tries to ensure that tutoring is available to every student who wants it. Academic mentors work with students to help overcome other barriers keeping them from achieving their academic goals. Test anxiety, study habits, time management, and stress/mental health are all topics that an academic mentor can help you navigate. Mentors are available through appointment. You can reach the Student Success Center by calling (707) 965-7688 or by emailing

Counseling & Disabilities Support Services

Counseling Services

Counseling Services from the Student Wellness Center are provided free of charge to PUC’s students. Professional counselors are completely confidential and can help establish goals and achievement of those goals. To learn more about counseling services offered by PUC, please call (707) 965-7080 or email

Disabilities Support Services

Disabilities Services are available to all students with a documented disability. The program seeks to remove the obstacles of learning caused by a disability or to limit them when they cannot be removed. DSS also advocated for the needs of students with disabilities and promotes awareness of disability rights Services provided by DSS include, but are not limited to: Extra tutoring time, study skills and time management advising, academic schedule planning, mentoring appointments, and goal setting. Students can also work with DSS to receive a disabilities screening assessment and referral for evaluation to help students along the path to getting documentation for a disability. To learn more about DSS, please contact the DSS Coordinator, Michelle Kendrick, by calling (707) 965-7081 or by emailing

For any additional questions regarding VA benefits or services provided by PUC, please contact Kharolyn Smith by phone or email. We seek to make your transition into PUC as seamless as possible and we are eager to work with you to provide the best service we can for our students.