Student Veterans

Pacific Union College welcomes student veterans and active duty personnel to our distinctly Christian Liberal Arts campus. We are honored to support your academic success as you obtain your college degree.

PUC's Student Veterans Taskforce members work collaboratively to ease your transition from military service to college life. Key Taskforce personnel help you to adapt your military skills and experience to civilian life while attending college.

Martin Pita

Veteran Academic Services Coordinator
(707) 965-7688

Martin is our Veterans Services Coordinator on campus. His office is located in the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) just north of the Dining Commons. Phone him or drop in to learn your way around our campus resources.

Contact Martin who will help you in any way possible, including:

  • Give you a guided campus tour of the offices and service directors in place to guide your academic, financial, and certification processes;
  • Put you in touch with your academic advisor;
  • Arrange for support services you may need such as career counseling, disability accommodations, chaplain's office, personal counseling, academic mentoring;
  • Walk you through the General Education Program in the College Catalog;
  • Introduce you to the Course Schedule and registering on line;
  • Demonstrate how to use the campus-wide web programs: Lantern and Canvas;
  • Arrange for CLEP and Dante tests which could turn your military experience into college credit;
  • Partnering with you as an academic mentor to support your academic skills development;

Debbie Wallace

Associate Professor of Nursing
Director, Med Tech/LVN to RN Program Coordinator
(707) 965-7627

Debbie is the program director, academic advisor, and teaches in PUC's Med Tech to RN nursing program at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA. Her office is located on the first floor of Davidian Hall on the Angwin campus. She is also available at the Travis campus on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at Travis University from 0900-1700 (530 Hickham Ave., Office A-100, (707)424-2969). Debbie is a strong resource for transcript analysis and program advising for our off-campus nursing programs. Contact Debbie to learn more about our Travis AFB nursing programs.