The Next Generation: PUC Students Attend Women in Science Conference

By Sarah Tanner on May 21, 2019

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Recently, a handful of PUC students attended a science-based conference for women. Its focus was on fostering young women interested in the STEM field and its various career options. Female students across PUC’s science departments were encouraged to attend the event and learn more about opportunities for growth in their area of interest.

Junior chemistry major, Vola-Masoandro Andrianarijaona left the conference with a bolstered sense of potential.

“With the help of mentors, and as long as I am willing to work hard, I can become a scientist,” she asserts. “Successful people overcome adversities and do not let those adversities get in the way of their aspirations.”

Andrianarijaona also enjoyed the opportunity to meet other undergraduate women with goals similar to her own.

“I think it is important to get as many people involved in science and research as possible,” she says. “In the past, women were not encouraged to enter the fields of science.”

Andrianarijaona feels the long history of criticism and discouragement has undoubtedly prevented many intelligent individuals from making significant scientific discoveries.

“This is quite unfortunate,” she says. “Bright minds, male and female alike, can contribute to scientific exploration and progress. By focusing events on women, we can work to reverse the idea that women should not be scientists.”

She concluded, overall, events such as this work to empower women.

“With support and empowerment like we experienced at this conference,” she adds, “We can confidently enter STEM fields knowing that we are appreciated and can make a difference.”

Encouraging students to participate in events such as this one is just one way in which the PUC community can help foster the next generation of scientists, researchers, and other STEM professionals. And in doing so, we can expand the horizons of discovery for students who otherwise may not have encountered the opportunity to pursue their dreams.