Jim Roy Publishes Biography on William Glasser

By Emily Mathe on June 25, 2014

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Pacific Union College Professor of Education Jim Roy has published a biography of William Glasser, a pioneer in the field of psychiatry through his research and publications on choice theory.

In his book William Glasser: Champion of Choice, Jim Roy records both the professional and personal life of an American psychiatrist who devoted his extensive research to reality therapy and choice theory. Glasser’s controversial and groundbreaking ideas included challenging the very definition of mental illness, and creating insightful new methods with which it could be treated. Glasser’s illustrious career stemmed from his desire to empower people through individual free will and personal choice, Roy observes in the book.

“Glasser wanted people to realize that they could be the architects of their own mental health and that we don’t need to be victims of our circumstances,” states Roy. “He so much wanted people to learn how to be responsible for their own happiness and to thrive in every way.”

Roy chronicles Glasser’s journey as a visionary psychiatrist and respected author, including the personal struggles he endured. Glasser contributed his unpopular opinion that “talk therapy” should be equal to, if not more crucial than, mainstream “drug therapy.” Through over 20 books and countless interviews, Glasser advocated the principles of reality therapy, control theory and choice theory, saying that mental health should be a problem of the public—not the pillbox.

“His biography, almost ten years in the making, I hope reveals him as a person and further reveals the importance of his ideas,” explained Roy.

Those purchasing the Glasser biography have the option to donate $5 to the Glasser Institute, an organization offering programs to help people understand and use choice theory, whether they are educators, parents, administrators, or just individuals wanting to gain better control over their lives. Read the description at Zeig, Tucker & Theisen Inc., the book’s publisher.