Senior Recognition Honors Class of 2011

By Eirene-Gin Nakamura on February 14, 2011

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Seniors proudly donning caps and gowns marched down the aisles of the Pacific Union College Church February 10 to be honored at the annual Senior Recognition colloquy. Featured speaker Tammy McGuire, an associate professor of communication, addressed the senior class anxiously awaiting graduation in June.

McGuire gave a light-hearted yet moving message entitled “The In Betweens”—referring to the times between the major events in life like senior recognition and graduation, during which we grow the most. Blending humor and wisdom, McGuire referenced Saturday Night Live and quoted a song called “Senioritis,” by the American rock band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, to illustrate that “The goal is what we strive for, but the journey is what we live.”

“Though our lives are punctuated by these momentous occasions, we must not forget that our lives are made of the the spaces in between, which are oftentimes the toughest to get through,” said McGuire. Using Eccelsiastes 3:13 as encouragement for the seniors to get through the possibility of a difficult final few months of their college career, McGuire concluded, “What we must do is fight to live joyfully…and find satisfaction in all this toil—this is the gift of God.”