Spring Week of Prayer

By Divya Joseph on April 16, 2009

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Pacific Union College hosted its annual Spring Week of Prayer on April 6 to 11, which featured the usual powerful preachers, beautiful praise music and fascinating skits. However, what made this week of prayer stand out and appeal to its audience was the fact that the speakers weren't well-established professional preachers, but students just like the audience.

Every day new students came up and didn't just preach about the topic of "Refiners Fire: Barriers That Keep You From God," but also opened their hearts and showed us how it affected them; and through this, the audience could also see how it affected them, says senior Lisa Iskander. The students preached in both the morning and evening programs on such topics as denying self and not doubting God.

Many of PUC's staff and students were rejuvenated by this simple week-long service. And above all, this week of prayer has made all PUC staff and students stop for a few moments in their busy lives and focus on community. Senior Andrew Riffel says that he really feels the PUC family every time he steps into the chapel. "I really like student week of prayer because it strengthens our community and makes us feel like a family.";