Spanish for Health Care Certificate

Equip Yourself for Health Care Communication with Spanish-Speaking Patients

Pacific Union College is a leader in health care education. Our graduates are known for their excellence. Offered by our World Languages Department, our Spanish for Health Care Certificate (SHC) program focuses on language and culture as applicable to professionals and those preparing for work in the healthcare field. The certificate provides one more way to prepare for service to patients who are Spanish-language dominant. On offer now: SCH courses with badge and basic certificate. Coming soon: SCH intermediate certificate.

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Courses begin September, January, and April

Admission Requirement

  • Must have completed high school

Program Highlights

  • Spanish for Health Care (SHC) Certificate (Basic) (2 courses, 10 weeks each)
  • Courses focus on spoken communication with your Spanish-speaking patients
  • Individualized content relevant to your specialization
  • Immediately applicable cultural knowledge
  • Short lessons with a flexible schedule
  • No mandatory log-in times; asynchronous classes with 4 peer meetings set up according to your own schedule
  • First SHC course (SPAN 105) offered Fall, Winter, and Spring. Option: In-person SPAN 105 at PUC campus. Second SHC course (SPAN 215) offered Winter and Spring
  • For novice-level learners, expect to spend 3 hours weekly per academic unit in asynchronous coursework (i.e., 9 hours)
  • Credit/Non-credit options (see below)

Students who complete the Spanish for Health Care Certificate (Basic) will receive a digital certificate indicating they can:

  • Communicate with patients orally in Spanish at ACTFL Novice High
  • Explain common health beliefs and practices of the Spanish-dominant Latinx population
  • Identify key features of the U.S. Latinx demographic relevant to health care
  • Apply cultural knowledge about the target population to health care contexts

More Information

For more information, contact Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti srasi@puc.edu


  • Non-credit option $600
  • Credit option for non PUC enrolled students (3 quarter credit hours per course = 6 credits) - $1,218
  • Credit option for PUC enrolled students, regular PUC price