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Student Clubs Host Wanderlust Banquet

James Shim, May 28, 2014
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One of the final student-led club events of the busy school year was held on Sunday, May 19, as the Mabuhay Filipino Club and Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) joined creative forces to host a wanderlust-themed banquet.

Wanderlust, or love of travel, elements ran through the event, which took place at Deer Park Villa, an outdoor venue in the city of Fairfax, Calif., that was voted Marin’s “Best Caterer” and “Best Wedding Venue” for 2013. Centerpieces and decorations that celebrated the globetrotting theme added to the Villa’s redwood trees and beautiful landscaping.

The end of the school year is a busy time, but the Wanderlust Banquet was a great opportunity to enjoy time together while making incredible memories. “Although stressful to plan, this banquet gave students a chance to attend one of the last banquets with a date or a group of friends,” said Mabuhay Filipino Club officer Kevin Loyola. “Students can eat great food and really just enjoy each other’s company.”

The evening’s entertainment included live performances from students, who showcased their talents and added to the relaxed mood. From creative songs to a flash mob, the entertainment had something to offer everyone.

The highlight of the night was a variety of group games that gave students the opportunity to interact with each other in a friendly way while competing for prizes. Dates were given the chance to see how well they knew each other and worked together in a series of games for couples. Prizes included an iPod shuffle and various gift cards.