PUC Alum Lands Residency at Harvard

By Sarah Tanner on July 31, 2019

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Biochemistry major and member of PUC’s graduating class of 2015, Daniel Amponsah has become the first Loma Linda University graduate to accept a residency at Harvard Medical School after completing his courses in medical school this year.

Amponsah credits professors such as Aimee Wyrick in biology and Marie Pak in chemistry for preparing him for the challenges medical school presented. While at PUC, he also participated in a variety of non-academic activities that helped take his transcripts to the next level--extracurriculars such as participating in student government, being a chemistry TA, and working with the Gospel Sabbath School on campus.

As he reflected on his time at PUC, Amponsah encouraged current medical school hopefuls to “always study hard and do well, as cliche as that sounds. Challenge yourself while in college, participate in events, and remember to have fun.”

He continued, “Work hard, study hard, pray hard and everything will work itself out.”

As he looks towards the future, Amponsah plans to complete his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital with the title of Harvard Clinical Fellow. He is currently focusing on internal medicine and hopes to specialize in interventional and structural cardiology.

“I am looking forward to amazing learning opportunities from some of the top leaders in medicine, and I hope to be able to teach, join leadership, and participate in minor research at an academic hospital,” Amponsah explained.

He concluded with some thoughtful advice for all students, saying, “Don't be scared to ask for help. Reach out to those who have been where you are, who have seen the process of where you want to get to, or are where you want to be. Most people are happy to pass down their experiences and knowledge.”

As Amponsah embarks on his residency, there is no doubt he will continue to develop his skills as a clinician and continue to make significant strides in the medical community.