PUC Holds Annual Grad School Fair

By Sarah Tanner on October 30, 2018

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Thursday, October 18, marked the return of PUC’s annual grad school fair. Professionals from nearly twenty graduate schools filled the dining commons side rooms from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to meet with students and answer any questions the prospective applicants might have raised. 

Olivia Nash, a representative from the University of the Pacific, explained their graduate programs are ideal for PUC alumni, as the schools share many similarities, including class size, strong faculty interactions, and the small college environment. 

“We come to PUC every year because we know their students are focused, engaged, and very motivated to learn,” explained Nash. She also mentioned of all the characteristics they look for in future UOP students, they especially seek out those who are willing to collaborate with faculty and driven to achieve. 

Diane Sus of Saint Mary’s College of California mentioned this was the institution’s first time visiting PUC, as they are looking to broaden their horizons and expand the pool of students that attend the school. 

Sus listed a number of programs Saint Mary’s hopes will attract PUC applicants, including their master’s program in counseling, along with courses in teachers education. She also mentioned their school offers specializations that allow, for example, a graduate student to complete a degree in marriage and family therapy along with completing the required credentials for a diploma in school counseling. 

Two representatives from Loma Linda University were present at the fair to talk with students interested in their Schools of Public Health and Behavioral Health. When asked about the primary factor they consider when reviewing applications, spokesperson Bobby Brown provided some helpful insight.

“We want someone who is mission-minded, intentional in their service of others, and someone who is not just the typical ‘bookworm.’ We want our graduate students to be passionate about what they do, and ready to serve those around them to the best of their ability. A faith based relationship is key,” he explained. 

Students at the fair were able to wander from booth to booth, though most came with a specific school in mind. Senior health communications and pre-pharmacy major Shasta Erickson said of her goals, “I’m here because PUC has given me the tools to thrive, and I’m looking for a grad school with a strong pharmacy program. I want to talk to the representatives to get a feel for the different campuses and the programs they have to offer.” 
 Likewise, senior English major and pre-dental student Lauren Chang attended the fair to touch bases with the personnel from Loma Linda. 

“I’ve already applied and have an interview set up, I just thought it would be a good idea to come down here and take a look at the different programs and their perks. It’s always good to know,” she related. 

Each year, PUC’s grad school fair draws an impressive amount of students, freshmen and seniors alike. Fairs such as this one provide a welcome nudge in the right direction as prospective graduates look towards the next chapter in their academic lives.