PUC Students Blessed by Pastor Tim Gillespie’s Winter Revival Message

By Andrew Mahinay on January 31, 2017

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Pacific Union College welcomed pastor Tim Gillespie for Winter Revival, an annual weeklong service, January 17-20. During this time, students were given the opportunity to rekindle and reaffirm their faith in Christ. A former PUC Pioneer, Gillespie is now the head pastor at the Crosswalk Church in Redlands, Calif. He spoke to students about Christ’s enduring love and constant drive to be a part of their lives.

At each meeting, Pastor Gillespie took to the stage with authority. "God is breaking through,” he would state, establishing the theme of the week. “God is constantly striving to be a relevant part of your lives,” Gillespie reminded students. “Each day, we are given the opportunity for God to break through into the lives we lead. He not only saved you but He sanctified you and taught you what love is.”

Throughout the week, Gillespie continued to break down the theme of “God Breaking Through.” On the second night, he shared a funny analogy about his son Jacob, causing waves of laughter to be heard throughout Dauphinee Chapel. "As a father," said Gillespie, "I want what is best for my child just as God our Father wants what is best for us, His children." He further explained God also wants students to give Him their best. "When we give God our best, He is sure to use our talents for His will … If God taps you on the shoulder, it’s for something He’s been preparing for a long time,” Gillespie said. “He would not call you into something you cannot do.”

Towards the end of the week, Gillespie emphasized Christ’s present actions in our lives. “Jesus is the one who wants to be in a relationship with you, always moving first, always moving toward you, always growing towards you,” he explained. Students could be heard agreeing with him as he preached the word of God.

Students responded positively to Gillespie's message. “Sometimes, I feel like God can’t use me because of what I did in the past,” shared a student who wished to remain anonymous. However, this student said he felt at peace after Gillespie said, “Our behavior no longer separates us from God.” Gillespie reminded students God is moving through their lives. "As children of God, we should choose to love God," he said, "not because we need to be saved, but because Jesus first loved us."

On the final night of Winter Revival, Gillespie challenged students to, “Be open to God’s will, and to take note and cherish the moments when God breaks through into your life.” His powerful message throughout the week brought encouragement and comfort to students as the second week of the winter quarter came to a close.