Purpose in Pain: Sarah Hill Shares Inspirational Experience of Hope

By Amanda Navarrete on November 11, 2014

“In our most stretching times … we find that there is a greater plan,” shared Sarah Hill at the November 6 installment of PUC’s Colloquy Speaker Series. Hill, a youth leader and missionary on the island of Kauai, is best known for her relationship with surfer and shark-attack survivor Bethany Hamilton. During her presentation, “Lost Limbs but Not Lost Hope,” Hill used her experience comforting a girl whose life completely changed when she tragically lost an arm in a shark accident to inspire the PUC community to put their hope in Christ, even in crisis. In Soul Surfer, the film portrayal of Bethany Hamilton’s accident and recovery, Hill was played by singer and actress Carrie Underwood. Hill spoke of her role in Bethany Hamilton’s life, and the difficulty she had trying to find the right words to say as she drove to the emergency room following the accident. “Lord, what do I say in this time? How do I comfort her family when I’m not okay with this?” Hill questioned. It was that moment that she realized God had a plan for Bethany, and He was going to use her. Hill, who was the Hamilton’s youth leader, spent countless hours...
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Nursing Students Screen Vision and Hearing at Local Adventist Schools

By Amanda Navarrete and Cambria Wheeler on November 5, 2014

Squirmy kindergartners and healthy first graders aren’t typical patients for nursing students used to interacting with sick or injured people in hospital settings. However, on a series of schooldays in October, bachelor of nursing students taking a Community Health course visited a series of private elementary schools to screen the hearing and vision of each student. The Community Health course is part of PUC’s bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) curriculum, and the service-learning opportunity at the local schools gave students a chance to be hands-on and apply what they learned in the college classroom to the elementary classroom. The BSN students conducted screenings at Pacific Union College Elementary in Angwin on October 14, Napa Christian Campus of Education in Napa on October 15, and Foothills Adventist Elementary School in St. Helena on October 21. “Learning it in the classroom is far different from actually doing it with a kindergartener,” shares Susan Allen, D.N.P. Allen, professor for the Community Health class and a former school nurse, saw the screening as a great opportunity for both college and elementary students. Unlike public schools, private schools like these don’t have free screenings in certain grades. Catching hearing and vision problems early can...
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College Sees Largest On-Campus Enrollment in 19 Years

By Cambria Wheeler on October 31, 2014

Pacific Union College’s full residence halls and busy academic buildings are the result of a remarkable increase in retention. Following the October 12 census date, when the college analyses fall enrollment data, PUC is reporting the highest on-campus enrollment since 1995. This fall quarter, 1,634 students are enrolled at PUC’s Angwin campus. Adding off-campus programs such as the RN-BSN program in Napa brings the college’s total enrollment to 1,674 students. "We are blessed that so many students and their families have chosen Pacific Union College,” states Jennifer Tyner, vice president for enrollment management and marketing. “PUC's outstanding academics and Seventh-day Adventist faith community make it an excellent investment, and I am excited to see what we will accomplish this year as we fulfill the college's unique educational mission." The college is especially proud of the high number of students who chose to return to PUC to continue their undergraduate education. "The return of such a high percentage of last year's freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is a great indicator that PUC is continuing to provide the excellent, Christ-centered education we promise,” comments Nancy Lecourt, Vice President for academic administration and academic dean. “The high impact learning practices and incredible faculty mentoring...
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Adventist Mission Scholarship Sparks Department Growth

By Emily Mathe on October 24, 2014

Over the last five years, two departments in particular saw incredible growth in their student headcount. Since the fall quarter of 2009, the number of students declaring a major in religion or theology grew by more than a third, while the education department saw a significant increase in the number of students seeking teaching credentials and bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education. While many of the students in these departments choose more than one major, it is very encouraging to the religion and education faculty, as well as the administration at large, to see so many students committing themselves to these majors. “Providing pastors and teachers to the Adventist church has always been central to the mission of PUC,” said Nancy Lecourt, academic dean. “This scholarship has made it possible for more students to follow God’s call into these vital areas.” The Adventist Mission Scholarship, previously offered to students of religion, became available to the department of education three years ago. This scholarship granted incoming freshmen $1000 per quarter if they declared education as their field of study. Eventually, this scholarship expanded to include students switching to an education major after arriving on campus, drawing even more interest to the...
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Adventist Heritage Colloquy Features Education Success

By Emily Mathe on October 24, 2014

Pacific Union College’s guest for the October 23 installment of the Colloquy Speakers Series was Elissa Kido, Ph.D. Each fall, the special Adventist Heritage Colloquy celebrates PUC’s Adventist identity and history, and Kido’s presentation on how the Adventist educational system produces developed, prepared individuals who are destined for success was especially relevant for the students and faculty gathered in the PUC Church Sanctuary. Following a special music by PUC’s String Quartet, academic dean Nancy Lecourt took the podium to introduce the Kido, a professor of education at La Sierra University and director of the Center for Research on Adventist Education and the CognitiveGenesis research project. Kido’s presentation, “How to Predict Success,” focused on the effects of Adventist education and how every student at PUC has the potential to be a success. In her presentation, Kido referenced Martin Doblmeier’s film The Blueprint, a documentary exploring how the Adventist school system became a model for educational reform. (PUC had screened The Blueprint the night of Wednesday, October 22.) In the CognitiveGenesis study directed by Kido, tests administered to over 800 Adventist schools between 2006 and 2009 showed students in Adventist schools consistently outperforming the national average in all grades and in all...
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Graduate School Fair Highlights Education Options

By Amanda Navarrete on October 22, 2014

On Wednesday, October 15, Pacific Union College hosted the annual graduate school fair in the PUC Dining Commons. Open to students and the community, those in attendance took advantage of the fair’s information and worked on making positive first impressions. The universities represented a variety of fields, from visual arts to nursing, which gave individuals a chance to explore their options and learn more about pursing a graduate degree. As a liberal arts college, PUC focuses on providing an excellent undergraduate education, and only offers graduate degrees in education. After they finish their four years of undergraduate work, many PUC students continue their education in a graduate program. Alumni have attended Loma Linda University, UC Davis School of Law, UCLA, Yale, and other prestigious institutions. The graduate school fair showcases the many academic opportunities available to PUC students. At the fair, representatives from 23 institutions met with students and discussed their programs and answered questions. Even if students did not believe a school was a perfect fit, representatives were able to provide advice about graduate school in general. Several Adventist universities, including Loma Linda University, La Sierra University, Southern Adventist University, and Walla Walla University, were present, as well as...
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Religion Department Enjoys Weekend of Fellowship

By Timothy Baze on October 17, 2014

Every year, PUC’s department of religion is able to enjoy a weekend of rest at the Albion Retreat and Learning Center, PUC's campus on the Mendocino coast, before fall quarter gets busy. This year’s retreat, October 2-5, began Friday evening with a powerful testimony by senior theology major, and former student association president, Ivan Ostrovsky. He shared his experience working as a pastoral intern in Chula Vista, Calif., this summer, and described the incredible experiences he had while working with a Youth Rush team who were based in Chula Vista. Youth Rush is a summer ministry program in which students sell religious books to work on scholarships for college. Ivan closed his message with an appeal asking students to answer God’s call, “Whom shall I send?” with the words, “Here am I. Send me!” Junior theology major Taariq Patel was the speaker for Sabbath morning. His dynamic message, entitled “The Voice of the Dragon,” was based on a story in the book of Jeremiah where two prophets were preaching opposing messages. Patel encouraged fellow theology and religion majors to make sure that the sermons they listen to and preach are filled with truth and mercy. Sabbath School at Albion is...
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Building a Home and Friendships on Fiji’s Mana Island

By Michael Lawrence and Emily Mathe on October 15, 2014

Returning to America bearing postcard-like pictures of the white sand beaches and stories of snorkeling in pristine teal waters may cause some to wonder if students were returning from an exotic vacation rather than a mission trip. However, the natural beauty of God’s creation was far less significant than the dedicated work and inspirational ministry that took place this past August. The journey began August 19 at Los Angeles International Airport, where eight Pacific Union College students led by Fabio Maia chose to forgo the remaining weeks of their summer for mission work. They traveled thousands of miles away from home to make a difference on the beautiful Fijian island of Mana, located just east of the main island Denarau. “I went to Fiji to reconnect with my God through service,” said Juan Hidalgo, one of the student missionaries. Here they would spend the next fourteen days on a construction project. The group would work together with current Student Missionaries Arielle Medina, Josie Herman, and Jessica Aldred to complete the project. Also joining the group were recent PUC nursing graduates Callie Sappenfield and Tori Fode, who led their own mission to raise awareness of the importance of hygiene. Work began...
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Returned Student Missionary Retreat Builds Support

By Ben Speegle and Amanda Navarette on October 9, 2014

The student missionary (SM) experience is unique. The distinct challenges of geography, vocation, and personality can leave those who return from the mission field feeling isolated. A recent weekend retreat helped PUC SMs build support and understanding by sharing experiences and time together. Ten returned PUC student missionaries from across the mission field gathered in Bodega Bay, Calif. on Oct. 3-4 to share their experiences with one another. At the retreat, organized by PUC’s campus ministries staff, the recently returned students discussed ways they could continue their service now that they have returned home. During the weekend retreat, participants enjoyed the beautiful beach scenery as well as valuable discussions about the purpose of student missionaries, the challenges they encountered, and the victories they found during their service. “After spending last year in a pretty rigid missionary schedule, I felt like the retreat was the first place I was able to have an honest conversation with other people who understood where I was coming from,” shares Miranda Mailand, who served as a teacher on the island of Chuuk. Benjamin Speegle, administrative assistant in the Office of Service, Justice, and Missions, understands the experience of resuming college life after being an SM....
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Angwin to Angwish Run Continues Revival

By Staff Writer on October 7, 2014

On October 26, runners of all ages and abilities will enjoy the fun and challenge of Angwin to Angwish, Pacific Union College’s annual trail run in the heart of the Napa Valley. All are welcome to the revival of this popular event, with courses at the Family(4k), 12k, and 24k distances, all of which run through the beautiful scenery of the Las Posadas forest. Last year saw the revival of the Angwin to Angwish Trail Run, which started in the 1970s and continued for decades after. Over two hundred runners enjoyed the event last year. Again in 2014, the course will take place on smooth to medium-rough trails and service roads with double and single track. A challenging run over hills, the run includes intense climbs (1,000 feet vertical) at the longer distances. It is still not too late to register for the October 26 event, which has no limit to the amount of runners able to participate. Race day registration will stay open for 30 minutes prior to each race, should same day registration be desired. The 24k run begins at 9 a.m., the 12k at 9:20 a.m., and the Family(4k) at 9:30 a.m. Proceeds from the trail run...
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