PUC Career Center Is Busy In February

By Lauren Armstrong on February 26, 2013

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The second week of February was a busy one for the Career & Counseling Center here at PUC, as it’s getting to that time of the year when students begin to accelerate their job search. Two annual events—the Internship & Job Fair and the Grad School Fair—gave students helpful tools as they continue to think about the next step.

“We want students to start getting experience and exposure to help them determine and achieve their goals,” said PUC Career Counselor Laura Gore.

The Internship & Job Fair, on Wednesday, Feb. 13, brought 15 representatives with opportunities for volunteering, internships, and jobs. “We had a mix of volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities to reach students of all years and get them involved, developing skills, and applying their classroom learning to real world situations,” Gore said.

The Grad School Fair took place Thursday, Feb. 14, featuring representatives from 18 schools. “Many of our students go on to do graduate work and we want students to be aware of the options and start planning ahead and being intentional in their choices,” Gore explained. “There are many great schools and programs for graduate work and we want students to choose something that will be a good fit.”

Another goal of these fairs is to help students develop professional contacts and learn about employment opportunities—essentially giving them resources to both plan for the future and gain a competitive edge in their post-PUC journey.

To further that goal, PUC’s Career & Counseling Center launched a new online internship and job board at the beginning of the month.

“This allows us to have a consistent way of getting information out to students, regardless of department, have resources available for all students, and bring greater consistency and unity in sharing information and access to opportunities,” Gore explained. Students can access the site any time to search positions and employers, and even apply online.

The website can also work in conjunction with events the Career Center organizes, giving students the capability to find out who will be sending representatives. This helps students come better prepared and benefit more from the fair.

Between 75 and 100 students attended each of the two events. All representatives from both fairs agreed to return to PUC, citing the beautiful campus, the great organization of the event, and the quality of PUC students.