PUC Faculty Acknowledged for Achievements

By Nicole Hubbard on May 24, 2010

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The Pacific Union College faculty members have been busy pursuing goals of higher learning even as they encourage undergraduate students to do the same. At the annual Faculty Awards Colloquy this spring, about 20 were recognized for scholarly activities this year. Six of these were presented the Herber award for faculty development, three were presented the Meritorious Service Awards for outstanding contributions to PUC's mission, and two were extended congratulations for completing doctorates in 2009-2010.

Many of these faculty members receiving awards or recognition have enlisted student help in their projects. Brian Wong, a professor of biology and a recipient of the Herber Award, was recognized for a research poster session he worked on with several of his students, entitled “Chinese medicinal herb Oldenlandia diffusa inhibits Azoxymethane-induced aberrant crypt foci in C57BL/6 mice and modulates apoptosis in mice and in human colon cancer cells.”

A few of the faculty were recognized for their artistic endeavors. Cheryl Daley, a fine arts instructor in PUC's visual arts department, had a recent artwork, "Magnolia Boxes," shown in the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. John McDowell, a professor in the English department, had a poem, "Blue" and artwork, "Alarm," both featured in Spectrum Magazine. He was also a recipient of the Herber award for his participation in the archeological dig with the Madaba Plains Project.

Recurring topics addressed in faculty research are spirituality and service to others, two of PUC’s main goals regarding Adventist education. Tammy McGuire, an associate professor in the communication department, had her article, “From Emotions to Spirituality: ‘Spiritual Labor’ as the commodification, codification, and regulation of organizational members’ spirituality,” published in Management Communication Quarterly. Brian Ness, a professor in the biology department, had his article, “Creation, Evolution, and Higher Education,” published in Spectrum Magazine.

Adu Worku, PUC's library director, is a recipient of the Meritorious Service Award for outstanding leadership and dedication in his role as the first chair of the Campus Services Program Review Committee. The "Way of Great Learning," as Brian Wong's Educator of the Year address was entitled, continues through such hardworking people as Worku and the other faculty members at PUC. Also, as a result of their dedication, students are able to travel this “Way of Great Learning” to reach even greater heights. This is what the Faculty Awards program celebrates: the continuation of spiritual and creative learning.