Tsunami Relief: The Continuing Story

February 24, 2005

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January was crowded with tsunami news, relief efforts, and commemorative and fund-raising endeavors at PUC and the Angwin community.

But by February, the $100,000 goal had been met (with the help of the $50,000 matching grant), and the check sent to ADRA. News coverage of the tsunami aftermath slowed, and gradually it became easier to forget the families in Asia still struggling to regain their footing and cope with loss.

Despite the fading coverage—and the onset of midterms—students remembered. PUC’s Student Association planned a benefit night; and on the evening of February 19, students contributed $5 each and joined an enthusiastic audience for an evening of student performances. Academy students who were on campus for College Days added their energy to the crowd.

The program began with a somber moment as tribute was paid to the tsunami victims through a slide show and the song “Nearer My God to Thee,” sung by senior Katy Hopgood. After that, the tone became a bit more light-hearted with an excellent line-up of PUC talent.

The evening’s profits of $1,800 will go toward tsunami relief and to the fund for the family of David Egwahke, the student who tragically passed away on February 14.

Julie Ching, S.A. social vice president, was pleased with the results of the benefit program. In addition to an excellent turnout that filled Dauphinee Chapel, Ching says, “Students gave a good response. And people enjoyed the program a lot.”